Name: Alex Forrester

Aliases: Deconstructor of Reality, The Destroyer, The Ultimate Freedman

Age: 21

Species: Meta-Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Theme: Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

Powers: Ultimate Deconstruction, Irreversible Deconstruction, Universal Irreversibility, Freedom, Torque Control, Portal Creation, Immutability, Master of Deconstruction

Motto: "Everything ends."

Quotes: "If you build it, they will come. If you deconstruct it, they will die."

"I simply exist to deconstruct things. No no, not destroy, deconstruct. Destroy is such a negative word... well... so is deconstruct, but at least deconstruction sounds a bit more pleasant and productive."

"Despite what some people might tell you about me, I don't deconstruct eveything I see. I deconstruct things I feel need deconstructing. After all, everything ends, right? I merely speed up the process. I see myself as someone maintaining order, balancing construction with deconstruction. Understand?"

Origin: Alex was born as one of the most powerful Meta-Humans of all, not only was he a Freedman, he was also given the ability to deconstruct anything. Anything he chose, no matter what it was. Eventually learning to control this power to its limit, he began to believe himself to be more of a force of nature than a human being, and began his journey of using his powers for however he sees fit.

Currently: Through extensive research, Alex has learned of the existence of Nolan Dallas, and has began attempting to find him. While not knowing if his powers will work on Nolan, he believes it's key in the freedom of all sentient beings that Nolan is destroyed. Despite his ideas of wanting freedom for all, however, he has expressed his annoyance towards the goals of Nathan Jueik.