• The Tired One

    Character Sheet 6

    November 20, 2015 by The Tired One

    Name: Duke E. Vossler

    Alias: Link, Legion, The Master, The Masked Murderer, The Master of the Mind, The Metahuman Hunter, The Marionette to his Mind, The Individual without Individuality

    Powers: Hive Mind, Mind Link, Telepathy (Basic Level), 

    Abilities: Divided Mind, Psychological Intuition, Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Condition, Enhanced Swordsmanship.

    Alignment: Chaotic and Orderly Evil

    Motto: "The world shall be recreated, and I, its epicenter."

    Quotes: "I'm tortured, battered by the myriad minds that coexist with excrutiating congestion, able to surface at any ti... BUT, I RISE FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL, MY WILL PREVAILS, THE APOCALYPSE BEGINS AT THE STRIKE OF ... where was I? What am I? Who am I? Wait, who are you again? ... Uhm, where wa…

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