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Shawny Yuri

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Shawny Yuri
Basic Info
Alias(es) "One Woman army" "Wreckoning"
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 26
Birthday 6/20
Blood Type
Main Ability Gravity Manipulation
Ranking B
Personal Data
Birthplace Haven, south district
Nationality Haven
Affiliation(s) Stuperstedes school
Occupation(s) Adventurer
Base of Operations Superstedes
Physical Characteristics
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Weight 144
Height 5'2
Bust H
Waist 28.5
Techinal Data
Maker Sastgamer
Use Story
Favorite Food Strawberries
Favorite activity Reading the manga "Kinji rareta ai"
Special Feature A/N Largest breasted female conceived thus far


Shawny is a brown-eyed brunette who usually does her hair into a ponytail or let down behind her back. She is physically fit to the point of being able to lose a push-up contest against Blake Noire by 2 push ups. She has large breasts, to the point of holding the record for largest human breasts (an achievement she acted angry about but cherished on the inside) she has many outfits she wears, something most people in haven can't boast about. Her combat outfit is a black long armed undershirt with a white shirt over it, with a brown skirt attached by a white belt.


Shawny is a fun, boisterous, cheerful girl. She is highly protective of her friends



Weapons and skills

She has two weapons, a sword and shield she carries around, and her signature weapons (and where she gets her nickname from) The wreckoning, a giant Hammer/ax that can hit you so hard it ignites the atmosphere.


Enhanced Jump: Basic Anime crazy jumping skills, 8 feet is her unofficial max.

Peak Human Strength: She can lift a little more than 4 times her weight at 600lbs. However,

Compassion Aura: Whether it be through powers or just her personality, she makes people more kind, caring, and helpful when she is near them. This power doesn't work on purely evil things or enemies who think their actions will help people.

Gravity Manipulation: Shawny can alter her or another person's gravity, she has maxed on only being able to affect 3 people at once, but it is extremely taxing to do that many. She can not create gravity in a vacuum but can alter minuscule amount to enormous amounts.

Armor Manipulation: Shawny can manipulate the armor she's wearing to cover more or less of her or to change into normal clothing. It doesn't change the strength of the armor, only the look and coverage

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