Multiversal Crossover ( Idea )


The Multiverse


Has anyone wondered what exactly created the multiverse, and the inetivable Omniverse ? Ideas. Ideas are what created it, as powerful enough ideas, float around and manifest into whatever the idea was. These ideas were spawned by one being, The Omni-Creator: An benevolent being who simply watches and observes the infinite multiverses in self-solitude. Soon however, harmony isn't meant to last, as there is always a oppopsite. The barriers keeping multiverses apart are now breaking all around the Omni-Creator. He wasn't used ot this, but decided to wait it out and see what would occur. What would happen then ? Only the characters within those multiverses can tell us that...


  1. All Powerlisting rules legitimately apply here.
  2. Both oc's AND Canon based characters are allowed
  3. Canon characters need to  be linked to myself so that i can look over them and simply see if they are accepted. ( Same thing with Oc's ) 
  4. Messages are to be sent to me by either the comment system below, or Message Wall.
  5. Mutiple character usage is allowed, as long as you can keep up with that many characters
  6. SPAMMING is not allowed
  7. Once an canon character is claimed, NO ONE can get that character
  8. 5 canon characters per verse 
  9. Spars in RP are allowed.
  10. Killing off characters needs to get permission from ME first before you do so.
  11. The Omni-Creator and her Reincarnation are characters i have claim to already, so no need to try that.
  12. OOC ( Out of Character ) talk needs to be separated from IC ( In character )  talk
  13. No Godmodding,Metagaming,Powergaming, or Retconning without specific permission.
  14. Omnipotent characters cannot fight each other, as it would be an stalemation.
  15. Any rules you want to add, comment down below.
  16. If 10 users, besides myself, like this idea, i'll start it.
  17. If 10 hate the idea BEFORE i start, i'll shut down the idea
  18. Have fun !!


  1. ASJGX

    Because there is always that someone..


Oc Characters that are accepted

Canon Characters that are accepted