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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    I DO NOT OWN ANY ART USED. To go to original fanon page, go here : The Crying Child / Matthew Ninome


    Epithet Reality Dreamer
    Titles Goddess of Wonderlands & World's Beyond, Two-Omnipotent Fusion , Vessel of Hitomi's Soul & Power , Little Girl who knows The Purest Love , Omniversal Mutant, Omnipotent Mutant True Infinite God, Omniversal Conduit, Omni-Creator, Crying Child, Mutant w/ Power, The Child Whose Mortal Shell in Dormant Wields All Powers, Supreme Being, The Girl Who Is Beyond Everything (T.G.W.I.B.E.), The Child Who Wields Monotheistic Power (T.C.W.W.M.P.), Omnipotent Monotheistic Creator of The Infinite sets (each of these s Beyond, and then being sent to Wonderlands for CROSSOVER PURPOSES ONLY!
      • Is made to somewhat resemble Beyonder…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Has anyone wondered what exactly created the multiverse, and the inetivable Omniverse ? Ideas. Ideas are what created it, as powerful enough ideas, float around and manifest into whatever the idea was. These ideas were spawned by one being, The Omni-Creator: An benevolent being who simply watches and observes the infinite multiverses in self-solitude. Soon however, harmony isn't meant to last, as there is always a oppopsite. The barriers keeping multiverses apart are now breaking all around the Omni-Creator. He wasn't used ot this, but decided to wait it out and see what would occur. What would happen then ? Only the characters within those multiverses can tell us that...

    1. All Powerlisting rules legitimately apply here.
    2. Both oc's AND Canon ba…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed


    March 22, 2016 by The 2nd Existential Seed

    Hitomi NInome is one of the worlds most powerful Individuals, if not the most powerful in te entirety of the Universe . She is a student at High Lord Academy, an academy that studies the  supernatural components of each and every person in the school. She is the Secretary of the School Council within High Lord Academy, a privelege only given tot he top 3 in the school, in terms of power and academics. She works with the school all the time, but tries not to use her obscenly overpowered abilities, while still helping people. Her nickname is The Orchid, an experiment gone wrong as the result of messing with things far beyond mortal comprehension. It was trying to bond all the energies of every known dimension together, into one individual. T…

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  • The 2nd Existential Seed

    Name: Katelinn " Kate "  Wilson is the full name of this character. Katelinn is a american name, identified easily as " Kate " .  Though the full name is not used often, it's nicknamed version is used a lot. The Name, Katelinn, basically means pure. it is used a lot with females, however it is technically a boy's name. The reason for this naming, is because of his pure , golden heart. Though, it is mostly locked away from others to see..


    Purposely Overpowered ( It is intentional ... ...  )

    Invincible Hero & God Mode Sue  ( No matter what you hit with, he'll just shrug it off, and continue on. He can basically do anything, and is a Sue in every way, shape, or form. He defeated the Behemoth, with ease, on the ground, WITHOUT hitting …

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