China is a communist totalitarian regime in the year 2054, which has no actual standing military. All military branches belong to the Communist Party of China (CPC), therefore the real power within China is the CPC. There are no other real political factions within China that isn't secretly ran by the CPC, meaning there is no real opposition inside China to change the country for the better.

China has also managed to takeover and controlling big areas of territory in Asia. Countries in control include Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and North Korea. Also controlling big swathes of territory in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Phillippines.  China deploys its group of peacekeepers in these area's to maintain "peace" and "stability". Really, they are a highly corrupt group that prefers to crack skulls and burn down villages to keep control than to focus on hearts and minds and cooperation with the communities.

China's overall manpower when it comes to its military is around 25 million, with more than half coming from compulsory conscription. China maintains state-of-the-art hi-tech weaponry, supplied by Russian and black market Japanese weapon manufacturers, alone with some American Companies. China has not been able to bounce back from being overpopulated, having mega cities with huge populations and mega skyscrapers.



China is a communistic country ran in a totalitarian style regime under the Communist Party of China (CPC), which "elects" its own leader to become president of China and leader of the CPC. Politics in China is a very complicated thing, public opposition against anything the CPC does will most certainly be met with detention, torture, and then re-education.

The CPC's leader, who has is also the president, has control over China and all of its territories. Most former CPC leaders also still have control of the nation and party by proxy and manipulation of other members. Most current CPC leaders may also be able to control most of the party with proxy members and manipulation, but can lead to various conflicts in the party, causing instability among the party and country.


China's economy has been in many influxation for many years, but for the past ten it has been reletively stable. China main source of income still comes from its trade with other countries, however, because of its actions against other countries, China's trading partners only include Russia, Ukraine, and many Gangs of other asian countries. China's trade includes food, cheap materials, and hi-tech gear.

China also has a surprisingly good real estate market, mainly for building new mega cities and luxurious towns for the rich and high level government officials. Lots of money can be made through the real estate market, since it takes lot's of money to build mega cities for the population. The government must pay lots of money to keep the cities maintained, yet since most companies are owned by government officials, most of the money lines their pockets and it ends up being cheap for the govenment. 

Jobs in China are very hard and dangerous to work with, because not enough money goes to help the workers do their job, even with all the years of advancement of tech. The poorest person in China can earn anywhere between 63,841 Yuan (10,000 USD) to 108,529 (17,000 USD), while the richest can earn between 638,410 (100,000 USD) to 3,192,050 (500,000 USD). Many of the wealthy have very safe jobs, ranging from Doctors, Lawyers to Government Officials, and High Ranking Generals.


Military Technology:

Neural Interface Implant:

A Neural Interface Implant (N.I.I.) is a chip like device implanted into the brain that allows the user to use their specific cybernetic enhancement and computer systems. The N.I.I. is  unique to every person implanted with one,  which makes it hard to hack and access each one. Yet again, accessing someones N.I.I. without permission can cause extensive brain damage, leaving the person brain dead, and dead. A N.I.I. user can also access another's N.I.I. to learn information from them, but it can also leave the person like the above.

A N.I.I. has the ability to access individual robotics like Drones and take control of them, though some robotics like security and military bots can easily kill a N.I.I. user because they are hive minded, and accessing all that would be too much for the N.I.I. and brain to handle. A N.I.I. can also allow the user to hack into different computer systems and download the information from them and allow the user to understand many things in a computer like fashion.  

The N.I.I. can also display a hud which can allow a user to see their own health, how much ammo they have left, what weapon and current modifications their weapon has, the ability to use their enhanced vision which allows the user to have a vision of Night Vision and Infrared Vision simultaneously. A N.I.I. also grants a tacitcal hud which allows the user to see through walls, see the killzone of grenades, detect explosives, and get real-time tactics and strategies from command.

A N.I.I. can also allow mental communication with other members of their squad, which they can isolate from other members to communicate with just one member. Also if one user in the squad see's something, they all see something, allowing perfect synch in what each member is doing. 

This technology was stolen from the United States of America and the United Kingdom's joint program to keep active amputated Soldiers, Marines, and Special Operations personel in combat with the help of Cybernetics and the N.I.I. to control the cybernetics.

Combat Based Cybernetic Arm Mark-11:

The Combat Based Cybernetic Arm Mark-11 is one of the most advanced Cybernetic Arms in the Market today, able to withstand the stresses of combat and heavy lifting. The Mark-11 also has elemental resistances to things such as water, cold, and heat which allows the operator to keep their arm functioning in high or low temperatures without much problems during with the different climates and weather. 

A Mark-11 can access different computers and low-level drones, mentally or through touch, with help from a Neural Interface Implant. With an N.I.I. the Mark-11 can take aim at a security or military bots and cause them to self-immolate through special signal technology in the palms of the Mark-11. A Mark-11 can also discharge a fatal current of 10,000 volts, through practice, a Mark-11 operator can also apply small burst's of electricity to try and revive other squadmates.

The Mark-11 has phenomenal strength, able to lift over one ton and punch through most metals and 4 inches of pure steel. An operator can crush someone's throat with minimal amounts of pressure, throw them many feet back, punch them incredibly hard causing broken bones and internal ruptures. They can also be gentle enough huge or grab a child without causing injury. A Mark-11 also gives the operator great arm stamina, reflexes, and dexterity, allowing the operator to fight hand-to-hand with a faster reaction and for a longer time, making sure the operator will win the fight or any fight against a normal human being.

The Mulan Advance Movement Cybernetic Leg:

The Mulan Advance Movement Cybernetic Leg is a highly advanced combat cybernetic which gives the operator enhanced agility, speed, leg strength, stamina, and jump height. This allows the user to run across walls, do flips in midair, jump over obstacles 6 feet tall, and run 24 miles per hour, and keep that speed up for long amounts of time. The Operator can lift 1,500 pounds with their leg alone, allowing great kicking and jumping.