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Character Sheet Anti-God

Name: The Void

Powers: Omniverse Manipulation, Anti-God, Apocalyptic Force Manipulation, Omnifarious, Divine Siphoning, Domain Destruction

Personality: Angry at how gods defile the Alpha Reality

Quotes: " I am Chaos, I am Death, I am Destruction, I Slay Gods, I Eat Gods, If There Are Any Gods Out There Listening Understand I Am Coming For You, I Will Slay You, I WILL EAT YOUBECAUSE I....AM....THE....VOID! "


The Void was born from the alpha reality among other Anti-Gods to destroy Gods who did not follow what they were suppose to do in their realities and crossed others, The Void began killing Gods and stealing their energies and began growing stronger, soon he began eating it's fellow Anti-Gods (but stopped) and even more powerful taking down Near-omnipotents and began eating them.

Soon the void would had began fighting ultipotents destroying multiverses, he began eating realities and universes. One day The Void crossed upon two arguing omnipotents and watched as they continued to fight he watched letting their anger feed him until he strike's and eats them.

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