Name: Jerome "Cat" Smith

Aliases: Cat, CoolCat, Nerd Hunter, Alpha Nerd, Nerd Buster

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Occupation: Nerd Bounty Hunter, Nerd Tracker, Nerd Beater

Motto: "I am not a nerd"

Likes: Girls, Rapping to Girls, Struggle Snuggles.

Disliks: Being called a Nerd, Nerds.

Powers and Abilities:

Enhanced Combat: Cat has been trained in the Arts of Nerd fighting, he has learn to take on nerds of many shapes and sizes, his fighting style is Nerd Fu.

Weapon Proficiency: Cat has trained in the arts of weapon handling, he uses his masterful handling of weapons to take down any and all nerds.

Hunting Intuition: Cat has been regarded as one of the best Nerd hunters in the land.

Enhanced Tracking: Cat has been known to track nerds on the highest of mountains, to the deepest depths of their basements, he will find them, and they will be no more.


Jerome was born to a farmer father and mother named Gerald and Tanya Smith. At the age of six, Cat's village was attacked by a group of savages, this group was one of the most dangerous groups out there, they were called, Furries, the furries attacked and nearly killed everyone, Cat was among the 5 surviors in his village. A nerd hunter follwed the tracks the furries left behind, he followed the tracks, he saw the devastation to the village, then he saw a little boy, a little boy near his parents, the hunter walked up to Cat, he saw the boy was crying, he saw the boy wanted to revenge.

The Hunter took Cat with him, soon they began going on the road, the hunter began training Cat in his ways of taking down nerds. When Cat was old enough, the hunter took Cat on a hunt against the dreaded "Fanboy", The hunter believed Cat was ready fo such a task, believing Cat can handle himself. The nerd hunter and Cat broke into the house, they evacuated the mother, they rush upstairs, they break into its lair, and they are attacked, the Fanboy uses his word magic, attacking them with his words of Fanboyism, but Cat and the Hunter easily block the attacks. 

The fanboy has lost his patience, the fanboy summons his being that he fanboys, the Being uses his high level Energy Manipulation to fire highly destrucive energy bolts, Cat managed to dodge, but his hunter was not so fortunate. Cat Looks back to see his Mentor dead, Cat screams in anger, picks up his Mntor's weapon and runs straight towards the being. The Being shoots more bolts at Cat, but he dodges and leaps forwards and cuts the being in half, and then he throws his blade down against the beings skull, the fanboys yells and in anger and runs straight towards Cat, but Cat decapitates the Fanboy with his Axe.

Cat now wonders the regions hunting and beating up nerds.