Sweet Poisonnova
Name: Angela Rosenburg

Alias: Sweet, Sweet Poison, Blue Angel, Blondie, Angie

Powers: Blue Fire Manipulation, Healing, Advanced Telekinesis, Basic Telepathy .

Personality: Fun, Loving, Caring, Funny


Weapon Proficiency

Survival Intuition

Gadget Usage


Angela Rosenburg was born in Melbourne, Australia to Andrew and Kate Rosenburg, When Angela Was five years of age she discovered her ability to heal when she picked up a very wounded house cat and her hands started to glow. Everyday Angela would Practice her abilities to heal, becoming a expert healer, Angela would help he many people with her abilities of healing, mostly people who wounds were not to serious.

At the age of ten, Angela discovered her abilities of Blue Fire Manipulation when she burned down her childhood treehouse and than her doll house caught on fire, two days later during a incident at school under emotional distress angela set fire to the school, killing no one. Seeing her abilities a mysterious person, would help her control her abilities of fire and healing, teaching her how to have great control over it and dealing with her emotions.

At the age of fifteen Angela joined a secret organization that would help her with her new abilities of telekinesis and telepathy, She would train with those abilities and train in a sorta military training under the tutelage of a mercenary named Red. Red would train Angela in survival and weaponry and gadgets, and they would develop an brother and sister bond or father and daughter bond, for years she would serve as a agent for her country and organization.

Ten years later Angela would Leave and would live a quiet life, but the action was something she could not get over and didn't feel happy so she called her friend Red to see if he could tell her all the things he has done as a mercenary and what goes with the job. Two days later she would tell Red she wanted to be a mercenary and if he needed a partner, Together they would go around the galaxy and have fun with doing what they do best.