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Witch final low
Name: Jenny Aetalia Lancelot

Powers: Child Prodigy, Instant Learning, Unfettered Body, Supernatural Beauty, Magic, Supernatural Combat.

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Princess, Sorceress


Jenny is fun, loving, caring and a overall smart girl, she deeply cares for her friends and family she will alway's be by their side.


Jenny Aetalia Lancelot was born to Apex Lancelot and Queen Elizabeth the 69th in the year of 3039 and is also the the goddaughter of a alternate Gray. On the year 3039 July 1st a baby was born and her name was Azselia then 10 minutes Jenny was born, Her father Apex was holding her when she glanced over and saw a man in a black jacket with light blue downward stripes, they lock eye's her father asks the man if he wants to hold her, he say's yes, he hold's her with the utmost care and gives her back to her mother a few minutes later.

Five years later Jenny began her tutelage under Gray learning magic. Everyday she would meet with Gray and train with Alternate Gray on magic, even though he wasn't as powerful as his counterpart he can still hold his own, Jenny would spend lots of her time with Gray learning magic and combat.

Ten years later Jenny now a third of Alternate Gray's power, she was already master sorceress and equiped with combat and beauty she felt unstoppable, until she was asked did she want to go to the Gray's plane and she said sure, a portal opens and she walks through. When she walks through she meets a hooded figure she recognizes him as Gray but he was different he had an overpowering aura to him and fainted.

She wakes up on a healing bed keeping her warm and with a golden aura irradiating around her wondering what happened she asks the nurse and the nurse told what happened, Gray comes to her room and introduces himself and she tells him why she is there, he agree's to train her but say's she will not be seeing her family for a while.

Six years later Jenny masterful in magic said bye to Gray and returned home, excited she showed her parents and alternate Gray how powerful she is capable of holding her own against alternate Gray but for awhile since alternate Gray also has unlimited mana like his counterpart. Her father and mother were impressed but not her sister she was sorta jealous.