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Full Name: Carter Samandriel Fable

Aliases: Mr. Fable, Lord Fable, Smart Kid, Master of Magic and Science, Carlyle

Alignment: Gentlemen Neutral

Status: Immortal

Occupation: Explorer, Omni-Scientist, Sorcerer, Caretaker, Collector, Librarian, Scholar

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Date of Birth:  August 23

Blood Type: Unique

Birthplace: London, England

Affiliation: Himself


  • Sarah Wellington- Sister
  • Patrick Wellington- Brother-In-Law
  • Unknown Parents †
  • Donald Wellington - Nephew


Carter is a fairly attractive young man with a lean build, fair complexion, brown eyes and short black hair. He has a slightly eccentric fashion sense and he is just as comfortable in a suit and tie as he is in jeans t-shirt and sandals.  He sometimes when he feel like, he wears his glasses that too him make him look more intelligent and sufficated.


Carter is a dedicated person and does things for no reason other than that he might enjoy it.  He possesses an insatiable curiosity, and would do anything to answer that curiosity. He enjoy the company of himself and his own creation. Carter show only a gentlemen manner to anything that is new to him- meeting a new person, finding new artifacts or books he is reading. Being rather mysterious, not too much is known about Carter. He is wise, practical and most often seen with a serious tone.  Surprisingly, he is very forgiving and actually has a sense of humor.  Underneath his harsh exterior is a man who is afarid of reality and that he hide it being mysterious.

Powers & Abilities