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Character Sheet: Codex Diaboli

Name: Codex Diaboli

Gender: Physically male; biologically none.

Alias: Devil's Grimoire

History: Codex Diaboli is the Devil's book of magic. He contains all the spells Satan has collected over his lifetime. He has infinite pages, and is able to take a human form.


  • Demonic Magic
    • ​Supernatural Condition
      • ​Semi-Immortality
      • Contaminant Immunity
      • Supernatural Awareness
      • Supernatural Combat
      • Supernatural Intelligence
      • Supernatural Self Sustenance
      • Supernatural Wisdom
    • ​Unholy Territory
    • Demonic Force Manipulation
    • Spell Creation
    • Spell Casting
    • Spell Destabilization
    • Curse Inducement
    • Demonization
  • ​Symbiosis: He can bond with a capable being to give them Demonic Magic as well as drastically increasing his abilities to wield Demonic Magic.
  • Magic Book Physiology: In his normal form, he is a grimoire enchanted so he cannot be destroyed except by the highest holy powers.
  • Name Evocation: He can be summoned by the being he is bonded to by their mere utterance of his name.
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge: He contains knowledge of all the spells Satan has compiled in him.
  • Magic Detection: He can detect users of magic in his vicinity as well as the type of magic they specialize in or are the best at. This allows him to find a capable host to bond with.


  • Holy Powers
  • He needs to be bonded with someone or something living in order to access his full range of powers.
  • He can only bond with someone or something living if they have the capability to wield demonic powers.


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