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  • Thaxander12

    The wolf known as manix was a feared monster of legend, He attacked anybody who bothered him..EVER.

    Manix comes from a line of albino wolves who all had his chaos magic powers, In reality the first of his line had been cursed to be a wolf by a witch,  The wolf loved her for all time.

    In later years manix had stalked a child  while he was coming home, He broke his glasses and was very poor..he had to live with a disease..Manix  decided not to eat him but was stopped by a huntsman who wanted to gain his fur, the two fought in the forest but the huntsman was killed when his throat was slashed open.

    Finally manix found a little girl who he wanted to eat all by himself, He was about to eat her when the girls mother who was a witch used her reality…

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