Similar to what the other users write, here is a superpower simulation that I hope you like.


Click the random button 3 times and chose 2 of the 3 pages to use as powers for you and your partner. If you get power thats is weak (i.e. Color Manipulation), to powerfull (i.e. Mind control or Omnipotence) or is useless for the situation (i.e. Mode switching) you can chouse anouther one instead. If you get Multi-power, you can chose 3rd option as a additional power to use.

NOTE: You must have a partner for this so you don't over power your enemy.


Your mission is to assainate the King-Pin of a major mob group who lives an well armed, tight security mansion in a biome that is 5 miles from your start point. Between that is a swamp full of deadly plants and animal mutations. Your objectives is to make through the swmp to find and disarm the security system, then head to the the mansion to take out the boss and escape before reinforcements arrive (if your detected that is). Use your powers wisely!