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  • Teruki

    Alois Guinet: 12/05/92.

    M,175cm, 68 kg.

    Design: Mi-long brown hair, Caucasian, Brown eyes,

    Clothes and Accessory: iPod, 

    • Summer Outfit: Hoodie, Sleeveless T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers.
    • Winter Outfit: Grey Coat, Black Pullover, Formal pants, Loafers.

    Strenghs: Willing to help, rarely gives up.

    Flaws: Lazy, rude, sore loser.

    Hobbies: Movies, Rock and metal Music.

    Main Power: Telekinesis.

    • Low tier Skill: Telekinetic Push/Pull.
    • Mid Tier Skills: Telekinetic Combustion, Telekinetic Cryokinesis.
    • High Tier Power: Telekinetic Combat
    • Weak point: Exhaustion and Headache.

    Origin: As a college student, Alois had no real goal, until one day, he met an old lady who granted him the power of telekinesis.

    Marc Bergstein:  

    M, 180cm, 72 kg.

    Design: 20/08/91.

    Clothes and Accessory…

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