She has auburn, bottom-length hair worn loose with a small segment tied in a decoration up front on the left-hand side of her face and also has grey eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, pale skin, and soft facial features. Yukianesa wears a bikini top with horizontal multi-colored stripes, blue jean short shorts and pink sandals. She has a purple baseball cap with heart-shaped sunglasses on top. She has a rainbow-colored bracelet on her right wrist and a brown bracelet along with a thin black band and a gold bracelet on her left, and has blue nail polish on all of her fingernails and toenails.


Yuki is sheltered and timid, as her father had not permitted her to have friends and she has difficulty interacting with other. She also feels insecure being surrounded by girls and is embarrassed by seeing them naked. Yuki demonstrates that she is very kind and polite; she does everything in her abilities to help her friends. In addition she shows great determination and inner strength as she is quite willing to fight in order to protect those that she cares for.


Clone Physiology-

Yuki-Onna Physiology-



Each time she drinks an opponent's blood, her breasts visibly expand.