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Yuki Shiroshiki (Walpurgisnacht)

Teien March 14, 2015 User blog:Teien
Yuki Shiroshiki (Walpurgisnacht) is from an alternate dimension where the Immortal Garden was defeated and sealed in the Phantom Zone.
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Early Life


Point System- All of her power work on a point system. Each power has their own amount of points needed to use them. She starts off with 6000Pts; she can regain 100Pts with each hit that is from a power that doesn't uses Pts.

Shinigami Physiology

Holy Gift - She was given her immortality (and various other powers) by Susano'O himself (and Amatsu-Mikaboshi) because they love her so much. 

Immortality Negation- Like her alternate timeline self can negate the immortality of other immortals, but for some reason she doesn't use it. (60,000Pts) See Shiroshiki School Sword Styles

Unnatural Presence-

Enhanced Beauty

Psychic Shield-

Spiritual Armor (6000Pts)-

Self-Aura Manipulation-

Ultimate Fighter- She can use any style and any type of weapon 

Morality Empowerment-

Power Mimicry Immunity-

Desired Ability Manifestation (1500Pts per a power)- She can manifest any power (excluding absolute, conceptual and meta powers) for five minutes at a time, but needs to concentrate on maintaining the manifested powers and manifesting the powers take up a lot of mana. Can manifest ONLY two power at a time.

Danger Empowerment- The more danger she's in the stronger she becomes.

Willpower Aura-

Divine Power Negation (2,500Pts)-

Materialized Guardian (3500Pts)-

Shiroshiki School Sword Techniques

Empowered State

Special Attacks

Pyric Flame Dance (1000Pts)-

Breasts Bump (75Pts)-

Spatial Magic Shooter (2000Pts)-

Twinkle Sparkle Blast (200Pts)- 


Sin Eater

Kusanagi (150Pts)- 

Gram (1000Pts)-

Paracelsus's Sword(100Pts)- 

Dietrich von Berns Eckesachs (200Pts)- 

Róichl (1150Pts)- 


Magic abilities and magical things in general

Soul Attacks

She is vulnerable to Internal Rupturing

She is vulnerable to Shadow Mutilation


  • She's a 42F cup

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