Yozakura mutsuki hails from the revered Mutsuki clan and  is one of the Immortal Garden's infiltration units.
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Yozakura in her graceful Affinity Mode.



Thanks to the [Divinity] granted to her from the Shinto faction, Yozakura has the appearance of a sapphire eyed girl with sizeable breasts. Her blackish-blue hair was shoulder length with a tail that trailed to her mid back. She is usually seen wearing a black and pink, wa lolita type kimono with a cherry blossom motif. Her breasts size varies depending on what Moe Affinity she uses.


Yozakura has been described many times to be a problem child, and it shows mostly with how she messes with  the other members of the Immortal Garden at every given opprotunity. She is proud of her perverted nature,casually admiring Kuroka's body at one point and even created Kuroka's miniskirt herself to establish a Gift "That barelly let's people see under one's miniskirt". The reason for this is due to her belief that seeing a woman's panties is vulgar disatisfaction and that it's best to leave things up to the imagination. Her charisma and logic of such things is remarkably appealing that even Minami was swayed to her way of thinking.

However despite that, Yozakura is actually a very dependable and diligent individual. She manages to finish her tasks on time, with spare time to play with others and spends time planning for the betterment of her clan with Princess Shizuka.

Though Yozakura displays great patience and a laid back attitude, she is still prone to losing her temper.

Moe Affinities










Bloodline Limit- Being from the Mutsuki clan she was born with special powers that she can only use. See also Shinigami Physiology

Point System- All of her power work on a point system. Each power has their own amount of points needed to use them. She starts off with 6000Pts; she can regain 100Pts with each hit that is from a power that doesn't uses Pts.


Shinigami Physiology-

Ultimate Fighter- In theory

Desired Ability Manifestation (1500Pts per a power)- She can manifest any power (excluding absolute, conceptual and meta powers) for five minutes at a time, but needs to concentrate on maintaining the manifested powers and manifesting the powers take up a lot of mana. Can manifest ONLY two power at a time.

Unnatural Presence- She h waa  a really bizarre presence

Spatial Bow Construction (500Pts Per an Arrow)-

Kiss Projection (50Pts per Kiss)- She can create a kiss that freezes, a kiss that ignites enemies, a kiss that makes others drowsy and a kiss that infatuates.

Performance Art Intuition-

Reflective Immutability (375Pts per hour; range 15ft)- She can create that can reflect or accumulate almost any type of attack except for conceptual and Magic.


SIN Eater-

Ten Desires- 

Limits and Weaknesses

Magic abilities and magical things in general

She is vulnerable to Internal Rupturing

She is vulnerable to Immortality Negation

She is vulnerable to Shadow Mutilation


Also called Shiroyasha

Her theme: