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Teien August 28, 2015 User blog:Teien

Tiamo is the Ark Witch of Torment.




Although she shares some traits with her sister, such as her social awkwardness and a big appetite, Tiamo is much more aloof and seems to show darker sides of her when it comes to killing her enemies. She is cold and ruthless in battle, usually ending the lives of her enemies as one would expect from a seasoned assassin.

She displays an unstable mental attachment to her fallen comrades as she keeps them as her corpse dolls. She also seems to play with the corpses of those she has killed, as well as keeping powerful ones to use in her permanent collection which is limited to eight.


Ark Witch Physiology-

Speed Accumulation-

Probabilistic Equilibrium-

Killing Resurrection-

Inhibition Release-

Cowardice Empowerment-

Weakness Empowerment-

Torture Equipment Proficiency-

Supernatural Condition-

Negative Emotion Empowerment-

Flaw Enhancement-

Primordial Embodiment-



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