The Seven Stakes of Purgatory

The Seven Stakes if Purgatory are Minami Haruno's and Erika's  very own Undead bodyguards. She acquired each of during her life as a human in the plane of the living. She defeated the seven assassins all by herself with the help of her band mates; the band mates in question were killed by a possessed Erika and in desperation she brought them back as her undead slaves. To summon these seven soldiers she has to expend a lot of energy to summon and control them efficiently, leaving her exhausted and weak for four hours until her energy returns during this time she is vulnerable to being attacked.

Flamel Stein

"Can you not read? The sign says: Do Not FUCKING DISTURB!! Damn, I was having a good time being wasted too! Ehhhh the HELL ARE YOU STANDING THERE FOR!! PERVERTED BAKA!! I thought the mistress was lying about all of you being lolicons and necrophiliacs!!"
― Stien

She was a brilliant but lazy mad scientist also known as Sleepy Hollow (PS. she drinks a lot)

Class System: The Queen- Being the Queen Piece she has the ability to resurrect other pieces, cause havoc wherever she roams and make those she kills into her pawns.

Zompire Physiology-


Sobriety Empowerment

Alcohol Empowerment

Dread The Dreaded

"The crime is life and the sentence is DEATH!!!!"
― Dread The Dreaded

Dread was the general of the Ly-lan army

Class System: The Knight- Like all Knight class pieces Dread has Constructs Creation

Shadow Magic

Killing Instinct-

Undead Physiology-

Supernatural Condition (Expert) -

Takao Akatsuki

"Yaoi this and yuri that, the love of the (UN)dead is the only true fetish!"
― Takao Akatsuki

One of Erika's band mates

Class System:The Pawn- Like all pawn class pieces she has Undying Loyalty and Enhanced Condition

Revenant Physiology-

Danger Intuition

Explosive Proficiency-

Megaera The S & M Master

"At birth, baby elephants weigh about 250 pounds...Making them the biggest babies on earth right behind your bitch ASS!!"
― Megaera

S and M Master

Class System: The Bishop- Like all Bishop Class Pieces she gains healing magic.

Bloodlust Aura- She emits a field of bloodlust around her that frightens off animals and the weak.

Pleasure Inducement- She can cause mind numbing pleasure in others especially females. 

Enchanted Allure- By striking a super seductive pose she can allure anybody. 

Rope Manipulation- Let's just say they don't call her the "S & M Goddess" for nothing. 

Interrogation Intuition- She was one of Earth's greatest interrogation masters.

  • Honey Trap- She is skilled at bedding and extracting information from others. 

Empathic Masochism- She can make her attacker feel the same pain as her whenever they attack her.

Painless Damage- She can inflict painless wounds on others

Suffering Absorption- She can absorb the suffering of others and  can alleviate all types of pain this way.

Chain Creation- She can create chains that bind others. 

Torture Equipment Proficiency- She is a skilled interrogator and can break the will of even the most talented warriors. 

Pain Inducement- She can induce physical,  mental and emotional pain in others,  she can even make weak users of Pain Suppression feel pain.

L i Z z

Another one of Erika's band mates

"Lame excuses are for babies and if you can’t concentrate well enough, that’s just a sign of how good you really are. I think we know who wins this argument."
― Lizz

Class System: The King- King Pieces have the special ability to boost the powers of their allies.

Zombie Physiology- She actually looks human besides the fact that her eyes are yellow and her skin is pale.

Onmyōdō- She was from a clan of powerful imperial omnyoji before she died. 

Supernatural Priest Training- She was trained by a Miko, a Priest and an Onmyoji.

  • Cross Combat- She can create various types of crosses to aid her in combat. 
  • Healing Prayer- She can heal others by praying for them. She can even heal the undead and demonic. 
  • Paranormal Expertise- She is well versed when it comes to knowledge of the paranormal and supernatural. 

Bushido Joe

He was a badass

Class System: The Rook- Like all Rook Class Pieces he has Unrestricted Movement.

Unarmed Weapon Wielding- He can control up to three swords with his mind.

Blade Projection

Skeleton Physiology

Supernatural Swordsmanship-

Madoka Kuki

Class System: The Bishop- Like all Bishop Class Pieces she gains healing magic.

Ghost Physiology-

Sound Manipulation

Performance Art Intuition

Suicide Inducement

Luck (Ultimate Level)- Her luck is so potent it can bend probability to her liking