Nana is a young adult with fair skin and shoulder length, twin-tailed slightly blue black hair. Her eyes are coral pink.
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Nana hides pure madness (and murderous rage) under her always flirtatious state.

Civvies: Nana wears a white, very short tube top that the left side of it is attached to the belt-like strap wrapped on her neck. She wears a short, pink hoodie which has a black-colored hood instead. She also wears a pair of pink gloves and black arm-wraps. She wears black pants and a white belt with a golden buckle. Lastly, she wears a pair of black and pink riding boots, with her right leg wearing some sort of a black legging while her left leg has a belt strap instead.

Missions: Nana's hair becomes unkempt and gray, and wears a wizard's hat, a black jacket with the zipper only halfway closed, and a checkered red skirt. Black fingerless gloves, the left extending to her elbow, and black thigh-length boots fill out the rather revealing ensemble she wears.


Nana has a cheerful nature coupled with a voracious appetite. Orphaned from young, she does not recall her past well.

During missions Nana is somewhat cheeky, impatient and, under certain circumstances, shows signs of an unstable psyche, especially if they remind her of her parents' death. After recovering with the help of the rest of Team Black Rose, Nana becomes kind, cooperative, and becomes especially protective of her allies, although on occasion she still shows traces of her old habits.


Conceptual Attacks- All of her attacks are imbued with the concepts of Love and Beauty

Kiss Projection-

Deadline Summonnr-

Kickboxing + Cheerleading skills-

Adaptive Magic-

Midnight Bliss-