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Kurosu Mitarashi

Teien June 26, 2015 User blog:Teien

He is Haruka "Mai" Mutsuki's Older Brother and the Head of the Mutsuki Clan.




Most of Kurosu's face is covered with a silver gray mask, excluding his left eye. He has black hair , a red & black jacket looking cloak with golden cords adorned a patch on the left shoulder ,wearing gray trousers and black shoes.


Ability Mastering/Ability Transcendence-

Composite Entity Creation-

Character Manipulation- He can manipulate the Kanji for "Rule"

Seen It!-

Perversion Empowerment-

Dress Break-

Will Breaking-

Sex Magic-

Concept-Dependent Immortality- As long as there is conflict in the Omniverse he can live forever.

Combat Specialist-

Pushback Resistance-

Awareness Distortion-

Broken Weapon Proficiency

Psychic Shield-

Power Negation- Projects all around him for 50ft

Supernatural Condition (Master Level)-

Slave Red-



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