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Issei Narukami

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"That's fine. If you go berserk again, I'll just kill you."
― Issei to Shizuya Kirihara
Issei Narukami also known as, Blade, is Shiori Calvello's long lost cousin and a no-Rank student. He got his moniker, Blade, from his skill with any type of bladed weapon. He has vowed to kill Karasu at all cost.

Issei in his formal wear



Issei is a young man of average height with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Issei is usually seen wearing the standard Hisui Academy male uniform. He's been noted to have a thin but well built, toned body and a cute face that makes him popular with the girls.

Issei's torso has several scars on it. It's also said that his lower body has many injuries and scars, most likely from previous battles.

He's usually seen wearing the Judgement's Heavy Magic Infantry uniform which consists of a white school shirt with a black leather coat covering the shoulders and a burgundy casual tie, black leather trousers and black leather boots. He also carries a sword around his back.


Issei is a strong-willed and noble young man, with a caring personality, this is seen throughout his time at Hisui Academy as he selflessly helps others, this goes double for those struggling to become better on their own, as he understands what a hard road it was. Issei can also be very cruel under certain circumstances and doesn't mind enjoying a heated battle with a strong opponent.

He also gets extremely irritated by the King's constant accusations of him having "a thing" for Shizuya Kirihara.

When it comes to dealing with women of his age and the whole academy in general Issei is clumsy because he has no prior experience with them outside of respect towards a superior or as a knight. This is shown when he confronts Claire on that subject.

He's also showed a rather savage side of himself, offering to kill Shizuya Kirihara if she goes berserk during the ritual.

Power and Abilities


Shizuya Kirihara

Issei first met Shizuya in front of the ladies restroom on his first day at the Top-Grade classes, surprising her. Shizuya grew a rather repulsive attitude towards Issei and was suspicious of him as he was the very first transfer student the academy accepts, and the king himself was involved in his transfer. However, as time went, Shizuya slowly opened up to Issei, but Issei's attitude towards her never changed, which still annoys the former. Despite that, Issei is willing to protect Shizuya regardless of the situation as seen when he decided to calm her down instead of killing her as they agreed. Despite Shizuya showing signs of affection for the former hero, he doesn't seem to care about her feelings, or better said, ignorant to them. She was originally tasked with killing him, but instead fell in love with her.


His body will break down from the stress placed on it whenever he uses Asura's Wrath or King Slayer to the point he needs to rest in a bed for a week just to heal enough to move.

Weak against fighters who use kick boxing and Teakwondo.


  • Issei's features and overall personality, are closer to that of a Shōnen protagonist than a Seinen protagonist.
  • Issei has been noted or referred to several times as the "Hero" or "Former hero" as he prefers it, which could indicate to a more mysterious side of the boy.
  • Issei does not like sweet foods.

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