"<Boo!♥ Did I scare you?>"
― Minami
 Erika Kurokami is the only child of Death and Beatrice Kurokami.

NameMinami Haruno(The girl she usually possesses) ; Erika "Honoka" Kurokami

Titles/Aliases: Black Death, Ultimate Darkness, NyoHonoka, The Vengeful Raven and, Raven-Haired Witch

Race: Wraith; (formerly Shinigami)

Gender: Female(Wraith)

Eyes: Red ; (Amber while possessing Minami)

Erika while she is possessing Minami

Hair: White(Jet-Black when at Full Power )

Birthday:  October 31st, 1995

Age: Died at age 19(Looks like this normally);  Chronologically 23(Looks like this when at full power)

Height: 167cm (5'6")

Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)

Blood Type: N/A

Three Sizes: 'Bust 69cm (27") (AAA Cup) ('While possessing Minami'); '95cm (37") (I Cup)'('Normally')' , Waist 56cm (22") and Hips 90cm (35")

Hobbies: Studying, Collecting vintage motorcycles,

Favorite Foods: Hot dogs without mustard and Chuu Chuu Ice and, Sweet bean jelly, Collecting candy from around the world

Occupations: Idol Singer/Video Game Theorist/Voice Actor/Student/Bounty Hunter/Necromancer/Dojinshi Writer/World Class Chef/Medical Doctor/Otaku

School: Death Cram (4th year)

Alignment:Blue And Orange Morality

Motto: "<Everything I own is mine and everything you own is mine as well.>"

Theme:Hide and Seek


Values: Friends

Likes: Painting, singing

Dislikes: Cats, Stereotypes, killing


Backstory (Outline)

Minami’s Type of Immortality: Unfettered Body

Erika’s Type of Immortality: Death

Ignore this

Azusa doesn't have any direct family after losing almost everyone she knew when Youkai attacked her hometown of Fushimi-ku, Kyoto during an earthquake and powerful tsunami. She (Azusa was nine at the time), a seven year old Erika and, a eight year old Minami Haruno were the only survivors of the calamitous disaster on their hometown. They were stuck in their ruined hometown for five months with very little food and drinkable water, the youkai that attacked their village would comeback everyday to find new survivors and rape then kill them (sometimes it was the other way around) and the children feared for their lives but never gave up. One day a lone swordswoman came along to vanquish the youkai who have been plaguing Fushimi-ku, her name was Yuki Shiroyuki better known as Sangria the Crimson Monarch. After defeating the youkai Yuki took them to her friend’s estate in Ikebukuro. The friend in question is Queen Latifa de Lux of Neo-Monaco. Queen Latifa took pity on the girls and took them in, trained them in the ways of magic and gave them only the best education she could. When she was fourteen Erika was striken with an unknown disease that caused her to become bedridden and, that is when Azusa signed with Death’s Head Label so she can pay for Erika’s medical bills. Queen Latifa was outraged and kicked the poor girls out onto the streets. They were soon taken in by the Shiroyuki clan and taught how to kill youkai and other monster-type immortals.

The Tragic Idol

Azusa “Iori” Kikuchi was nineteen year-old idol singer, (voice) actress and gravure/Pin-up model, that was the biggest thing since sliced bread over in Japan. She was one of wealthiest and most high profile Idols of all time; she was widely recognized as the Queen of Joy throughout the galaxy. She had fans far and wide, human and non-human, she was envied, but she just ignored her haters. She was peppy and energetic, but in secret the CEO and her personal manger of her record label sexually and physically abused her. She never shown signs of being abused because she hid it behind her beautiful smile. She never left the label, because the CEO was paying for her friend’s medical bills, that friend is Erika Kurokami. Another idol singer and a close friend of Azusa. Azusa continued to plummet into the darkness and corruption on the red light districts all around Tokyo. Erika had seen what the CEO was doing to Azusa and bargained with him to end her friends suffering; she said she’ll work for free to pay-off the money that was still owed do to medical bills. He allowed it and almost if by magic she became twice as popular than her friends Minami and Azusa ever was. Thinking that her dear friend betrayed her she took her own life, but not before warning Erika that she’ll get her revenge. Four months passed until Erika knew what she meant when suddenly one day before her New Years day concert she was possessed by Azusa’s ghost and was forced to kill the CEO, Minami, her band mates, the whole audience and the concert security. After the UJB was called in to terminate her she made her escape to Tokyo Tower. She stood there for thirty-nine minutes so all of the news-helicopters circle around and to attract their undivided attention. Erika (while possessed) was then forced to jump to her death from the top of the Tokyo Tower right after giving the bird to the news cameras. This incident is known as “One Night at Erika’s”; soon after Erika’s death Azusa’s ghost started possessing other idols and doing the same thing spreading despair and hatred among bands, causing friends and family to feud and kill each other.

The UJB did their best to cover up the incidences as a drug induced rampages, but Minami (who has the same type of immortality of others from the Shiroyuki clan) knew the truth about what was happening. Three weeks later Minami attended Erika’s wake and two days later Erika’s funeral. At Erika’s funeral Minami had seen Erika’s wraith and for the next few months she saw Erika’s wraith everywhere even at her concerts. Minami decided to confront Erika’s wraith to find out shy she has been haunting her since the funeral. Apparently Erika’s wraith was just sticking around to avenge her suicide.

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Information (Erika)

She Idol Singer Necromancer Wraith

She died after her last concert when she was possessed by a vengeful spirit who wanted payback on her record label.; she killed her manager and band-mates and her BFF before being forced to kill herself by throwing herself off the Tokyo Tower. 

Appearance (Erika)

Erika is a young girl with long back length white hair, and red eyes.

When she was adopted by the Kurokami family, she had her hair cut short and wore a white shirt with long sleeves, a black tie, a long, black skirt, and white stockings with dark brown shoes.

When she was in the Death Cram Academy, she had slightly shoulder-length hair and wore the standard school uniform with a short skirt, long white stockings and brown shoes. Her P.E uniform was a simple white shirt and black panties.

When using the Perfect Angle gel, Erika gained a bright green two-piece bikini; the centerpiece of the swimsuit was held together by orange straps in a mesh-like fashion. Erika also possessed a standard Academy issued swimsuit, which was full body in its design, and was colored black, white, and blue. The Academy's insignia was inscribed on the breast.

While doing her survival training with Latifa de Lux and Sangria, Erika wore a short jacket over her school shirt and tie, with the jacket having the Academy emblem emblazoned upon its back. She wore short shorts held together by a pocket belt, and knee length, military-grade boots.


Erika is shown to be headstrong and confident in her abilities as a combatant. When Minami's arm gets severed, however, she does not think much of it, only saying how she was just 'careless'. She has a complicated relationship with her father, only ever referring to him as 'that man', Minami noted that the two do not treat each other like father and daughter.

She is also very weary of human behavior, having been told once that humans are cowardly and weak, believing that Minami would be the same once she ran to find something to save her with, ultimately, she was proven wrong. Like other characters created by Teien she is also very weary of her small chest size, Erika follows this rule and beats Minami when she accidentally makes a comment on it. Erika suffers from anxiety attacks when near anyone of the same gender, however, when the female is in a dire state, the attacks tend to not occur, as demonstrated with Lizz.

Information (Minami)

Minami is a very outgoing and optimistic person who shows some signs of perverseness. She doesn't seem to mind taking in outsiders in her home, and can be very spontaneous. However, she has shown to have a more serious and knowledgeable side to herself as well, and cares very much to the well-being of others.

Appearance (Minami)

Minami is a young girl with very long hazelnut-brown hair tied in a ponytail that is back length. Her eyes are Amber. She wears a brownish jacket (with bunny and raven motifs) with a green and black shirt, short plaid brown, green and, orange skirt, and black thigh high stockings, and black shoes. She also has an orange hair clip and orange goggles that she wears as accessories.

Once she had joined Death Cram Academy, she began to wear it's standard Senior year female uniform - a simple navy-style uniform with a light-grey bow, and simple black skirt.

At the pool, Minami wore a bright green, two-piece bikini. The top half's straps elegantly wrapped around her neck.



Wraith Physiology-

Shiroyuki Clan Power Inheritance

Musical Inducement- See Minami's Instruments

Musical Weaponry - See Minami's Instruments

Companion Allegiance- See The Seven Stakes of Purgatory

Subordination Manipulation- See The Seven Stakes of Purgatory

Musical Spell Casting- See Minami's Instruments

Music Magic- See Minami's Instruments

Control Negation-

Alternate-Selves Contacting-

Breast Size Manipulation-

Unison Raid-

  • "Death Parade" - An attack that usually never misses and is nearly unblockable that is shot from Crimson Rose and infused with Destin's Chance Magic

Minami's Instruments

Crimson Rose

  • Sleep Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that put people to sleep; even those with insomnia. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Signal Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that creates a signal beacon that allows others to locate her (can be placed on targets that she needs to track). She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Explosive Rift-  A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that creates a powerful explosion that can blow holes into the side of an armored tank. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Possession Slash- She can possess people she slashes with Crimson Rose; she can switch between people who are infected the "Possession Seed", but once she runs out of energy they are no longer hers on top of this drawback she can only possess 100 people at a time.
  • Death Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that kills the target if the target hears it until the end and is in the range of the rift's radius. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • White Out Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that creates a powerful blizzard that last up to three hours.
  • Downgrading Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that downgrades all powers in a 50meter reach. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Augment Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that augments the strength of all powers in a 250meter radius. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Control Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that places everyone who hears its beautiful melody under her control for five minutes, but it has a short reach. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Elephant Killer- When Crimson Rose is in its Sniper form it can shoot a shot that pierces all material.
  • Rhythm Mixer-  A musical attack that unleashes a flurry of sound in ranged area that hits from every single direction imaginable.
  • Purifying Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that purifies objects via holy magic. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Foggy Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that creates fogs of varying thickness. She can be interrupted while playing this song.
  • Blessing Rift- A musical rift played on Crimson Rose that blesses anything that Minami wants to bless. She can be interrupted while playing this song.

Death Mic- The Death Mic allows Minami and Erika to alter their voices to sound like anything and anyone else. It also allows them to persuade just about anyone. This Mic originally belonged to Takao.

GhostCandy- These headphone can block out or enhance any sound. These headphones originally belonged to Lizz.

Seven Stakes

The Seven Stakes of Purgatory


Can't go in direct (Red) sunlight

Can't use her full power when possessing someone

Crimson Rose's rifts only go so far (7meters to be exact)



Powerful EM Fields

Salt Water


Red Sunlight


Erika is scared of ghost stories/scary.

Erika speaks with a Kansai dialect when she's flustered, embarrassed or angry, she tried to stop this type of speaking because it wasn't 'lady-like'.

Minami(Erika's host) has an obvious case of Trypanophobia/Vaccinophobia, also known as the fear of needles, injections and vaccinations.

As the daughter of a traditional family, Minami experts in Kendo, Nagauta, archery, calligraphy, and traditional dancing. 

Minami enjoys swimming and sticker collecting.