Claire (クレア Kurea) is a Low-Grade student from Hisui Academy and one of Blade's very first friends. She is also really close friends with Shiori. She comes from a long line of shinobi.


Claire is a teenager of average height with fair skin and gentle facial features. She has emerald eyes and long, light mocha brown hair that reach to her lower back with a hime-style haircut over her forehead and two extra long strands, one in each side of her head. She wears a flora hair on the left side of her hair.

She has a lean frame with a larger than average bust. Claire is seen wearing her academy uniform at all times.


Claire appears to be a very humble and reverent person. She shows great respect towards her superiors and especially towards those who are of a higher social class. However, behind that respect may also lay feelings of fear and intimidation, as it was indicated while talking to Shiori. Claire considers herself a commoner, meaning that she frivolously embraces the fact that there are people above her, even if they themselves deny such fact. It can also be deduced that she is a very friendly person, since she befriended Blade on his very first day in the academy; however, this could also be another misunderstanding by Blade since he considered Shiori a friend without the latter's approval.


Claire's shinobi heritage comes from her Grandfather Sarutobi on her mother's side. Although her mother was a shinobi, her father was not. Originally, her father dreamed and was on the verge of becoming a successful defense lawyer, however he was charmed by Claire's mother. Sarutobi did not approve of their relationship, and the two constantly fought about it. Claire's father loved her so much that he was willing to give up his dream of becoming a lawyer, as long as he could be with her.

According to him, he didn't need dreams or money if he could spend his life with her. Sarutobi was so moved by his resolve and dedication that he could not bear to refuse his proposal, allowed them to get married and decided to open up a sushi shop with Claire's father.

When Claire was growing up, she had a reputation for getting into fights and beating up boys and girls alike, to which Sarutobi told her was an independent sword, without a compatible shield.

At some point, Claire enlisted in Sarutobi National Academy to follow Sarutobi's footsteps and to understand the concept of being a sword and a shield.

During her first year, Claire had some trouble keeping up with Blade, Shiori and Yozakura due to her clumsy nature, but she managed to push through and reached her second year with average scores.



Claire respects Shiori greatly, as she refers to the latter with the honorific "-sama" and opposes to referring to her casually. She also, like all the other students, fear her greatly and would avoid sharing the same table with her at the cafeteria. Shiori on the other hand sees Claire as a disgrace for the academy, as she sees herself lower than others and uses her rank as an excuse for her weakness (in Shiori's own words).

Power and Abilities

Nothing is known about Claire's powers. However, much wouldn't be expected from her; as she is a Low-Grade student, but one must keep in mind that she has taken various combat & self-defence classes and was trained by her Ninja Master grandfather.