Bianca is best described as a privileged and pampered girl. Because of her high class status and her rare ability "God's Wrath", she deems almost everything and everyone as plebeians in her "perfect world". Despite her young age, she is a prominent figure in the mercenary world and is a bounty hunting  and cooking prodigy. Bianca's cooking skills are on par with most professional chefs if not better than most. Using her "God's Wrath" she has earned a bit of infamy in the culinary industry, as any dish that she deems unsatisfactory will spell the end of any chef's career. Her reputation is so well known, her name alone is able to scare off amateur chefs within seconds. At the same time though, Bianca's influence attracts many in her class to her due to her beauty, prestige, and unrivaled skill.

When masquerading as her Hijiri persona she is a clumsy, timid, thoughtful, kind, and honest girl who always speaks in a polite tone. She is a nurturing sort of person, always looking out for others and willing to assist them in any way that she can.

Appearance as Bianca 

Bianca has long honey blonde hair and pink eyes. Her bangs partially cross her cheeks and go down all the way to her neck. She has a large bust and is considered to be stunningly attractive to most of the students in Byakuren. According to her fans and followers, this trait coexists with her status.

She wears whatever Byakuren uniform corresponds with the current season. As casual clothing she wears a cotton jacket with a red bikini underneath in with a short skirt.

Appearance as Hijiri

Hijiri is a petite girl who has yellow eyes and long blueish-black hair with two braided pigtails. She also wears a flower hairpin on her left side of her hair.

She wears a standard Byakuren uniform depending on the season. Most of her casual wear are simple blouses.



Symbolic Power Manifestation-

Parasite Manipulation-

Organic Manipulation-

Regenerative Healing Factor-


[[] Enhanced Senses]

Seismic Sense


Sentient Control-

Omega Physiology-

Enhanced Strength-

Powers via Parasite

Weapon Creation-

Absorbing Replication-

Superior Adaptation-


Possessive Enhancement-

Combat Adaptation-  

Illusion Awareness-

Ability Intuition Maximum Quintessential Control

Intelligence Infinitum- Parasite only. They are becoming even smarter with every second that goes by, and their intelligence has already surpassed the greatest minds on the planet.

Tranquil State-

Haemokinetic Blade Construction-

Army Annihilation-

Oxygen Independence-

Puppet Mastery

Adaptive Power Replication-




The parasites hate hot places

The parasites hate cold places