Hello humans, and others. I had this thought; everyone says that their favourite power would be to have all of them, and I get that, but that'd be too OP for any character in any respectable comic, tv show, cartoon or movie, right? So what if we gave a person this ability, with a catch?

Hero Name: Infinite

Real Name: Jennifer "Jenny" Foster

Age: 25

Power: Multiple Personality Empowerment:

  • Jenny would be able to switch from herself into another personality. The amount of personalities could be endless, and each one possesses a different ability. The thing is, however, that as soon as Jenny uses her power there's no guarantee which personality will take over and whether that personality will let Jenny have control again. This makes Jenny extremely wary of using her ability.

I personally think that this is an idea I'd love to see in maybe a comic series or tv show. Without the inhibitors put in place the infinite powers would be too OP, so I think this balances out really well. Let me know what you guys think :)