Hello Amazing People

So I often refer back to Divid Ickes blog to practice these super powers and I did the Metal Manipulation, I took an ordinary kitchen spoon and did the 4 second breath (in 4 sec --> hold 4 sec --> out 4 sec --> hold 4 sec) that sequense 4 times, then imagined a huge ball of energy above my head, really shaky energy and then the energy went in through the top of my head down my left arm (dominant arm) and into the spoon while I massaged one spot of the spoon I said  with my inner voice "bend, bend, bend, bend" well I said that I even pictured the spoon as a soggy noodle.  First time no success, second time even with doubts it worked...  

I will test again tomorrow


Bent Spoon with very little force

Tav2015 (talk) 13:34, September 20, 2015 (UTC)Tav2015