I was just here May 15 2011 to see this wiki and checkout the sufficent abilities this wiki has.

My Favorite Abilities

So far, my favorite abilities I would want are, 1) Enhance Strength, 2) Enhance Speed, 3) Enhance Durability, 4) Fire/Water/Earth/Electric/Air/Light/Darkness/Energy/Crystal Manipulation, 5) Flight, 6) Enhance Jump, 7) Shape Shifting, 8) Heat Vision, 9) Enhance Reflexes, 10) Enhance Agility, 11) Sonic Scream, 12) Self-Duplication, 13) Psychokinesis, and 14) Wall Climbing. In addition to Bomb Generation, Exploding Crystal Shards (when I'm my crystalkinesis), Vacuum Adaptation, Enhance Intelligence, Water Generation, and Metal Manipulation.

Combinations Using Powers

1. By utilizing my Super Strength, Super Speed, Crystal Manipulation (to cover my body in diamond armor), and Psychokinesis, i'll create one of my personal favorite technique known as "Super Serious Butt Kicking".

2. With the combine power of all my manipulations concentrated into a form of a ball, I can use another favorite called "Element Ball".