Are humans meant to die of old age? Are humans meant to be fragile? Are humans meant to be weak? Are humans meant to be dumb? Evolution. It solves all of our problems here, and we are still in the midst of evolution.

We have to try and aim for sucess. We have to become transhumans. We have imaginations for a reason. We have a brain for a reason. Capable of countless probabilites. I'm not gonna accept the fact that the human species is going to die either from the Heat Death of the Universe or the Sun becoming a red giant and killing us all.

I don't really know if we can escape death of the Universe. But I do have hope.

We are adaptable and versatile in many ways, which is how we achieved our current state of technology or position.

In a possible future,we may meet an equal(or superior) alien race. I do know that aliens exist, whether it be a microorgansism or a highly advanced technology speies(Type II).

I believe there could be other universes, possibly an infinite multivese.

We need to put our mind to it. I'm not Captain Plautiude or Master of Cliche's I just want the Human Race to evolve to point where we are in our Peak.

It's Hope, our fuel, our energy, our power.

It's all we got.

Thank you for reading this.

Transhuman 2 0 by noistromo-d68whno