Name: Quantum Limitless Corporations, , the Knowledge-Seekers, the Unknown. The Wicked Ones. 

Alignment: Morally Gray | Lawful Evil as godlike entities. 

Status: Transcendence 

Occupation: Scientists, technologically advanced humans | Gods

Their Ascension 

 Powers and Abilites:  Near OmnipotenceNon-Corporeal PhysiologyCaustionCreators' Will.  



They were naturally intelligent from their upbringing, usually being able to solve advanced complex math problems as as an infant, they also had a transhumanist background, always thinking for Humanity instead of themselves on how would they advance or progress, how they would deal with the problem and always coming up for solutions. They were outright pragamtic, cold and completely stoic, though they weren't without emotions. They always used morally questionable methods in order to advance Humanity, such as killing others or letting out a dangerous criminal from prison in order to test a special substance. They also would train themselves to point of straining themselves, in order to achieve their prime form naturally so that they wouldn't rely on any technology when in danger. Having ascended to become beings of paramount power, they would exempt themselves from the laws of Humanity, revealing their true goals as to rule the planet Earth itself. They've suceeded in their goals as to ruling planet Earth. 


 It usually varies amongst them, having an age of a middle aged man, or a young teenanger, with their technology they would be able to change their forms without limit.

Natural Abilites 

Supreme Intellect,Borderline Superhuman ConditionParallel Processing, Optimal Finesse,Evolutionary Contro'''''lSuperior Technological Advancement.