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I'm weak. And I'm still weak. But that doesn't stop me from trying to make a difference. 

Jay. It's Jay.

Long ago, I tried to save Humanity, they didn't listen to me, all they wanted was to progress, to evolve, yes it's a very good thing, but the thing is, had someone paid a shred of attention to me, I wouldn't be here in this mess, I wouldn't be here writing down the troubles of the Human species.

They wouldn't listen to me and I kept saying it repeatively you are going to die. They did not do shit about it, the asterioid coming towards us, i tried and i tried, but they just kept saying no, they went on and on about how they made a breakthrough on tachyons and that time would be our friend, our ally.

Well. Look what happend? You didn't listen. All you did was celebrate and celebrate till you were completely wasted. Sure I crashed the party and ruined the fun, but it's no fun when half of the planet is now gone. All because of your arrogance.

It was March 20th 2156.

My mother. My father. My brother. My sister. My friends. All gone. 

To make matters worse, our nations were now having a war, at the worst time possible, when people are withering in pain and suffering, our resources would eventually run out because of the Asterioid and the very war they sought.

If I was going to survive. I would have to go on a space station, where I would be safe. Where I wouldn't be harmed. Where I can mourn in peace. I went on a quest for knowledge to see on how the Asterioid, our technology would be able to detect it, yet it never did. Someone tampered with the surveillance systems, rendering us unable to detect it until it was too late. Who did this? Why would would this person or entity do this? How was it possible? I didn't know. But I am going to find out. I have to find out.