Name: Ryder/Dark Assassin

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Morally Grey/Anti-Villain

Powers and Abilites- Expert Martial Artist Killing Frenzey.


Loves to kill people, especially those who prey on the weak and defenseless.

- Science/Technology, a very passionate interest in Science, even to the point of being knowledgeable about nearly every subject in Science.

- Likes to look at the Stars at night, declaring them to be a fascinating sight.

-Planets, massive and a very arresting view.


- Has a serious hatred for Rapists and Pedophiles, killing them on sight, usually in a brutal fashion, sometimes hanging their intestines on a tree or by sodomizing them to death ironically.

- Isn't very fond of Religion or Religious people, though He does not mind it at times if they do not shove it in his throat. 

-Children, as they remind him of himself as boy which causes him traumatic flashbacks.

- Templars, since they want to control Humanity for the sole purpose of Order, as opposed to the Assassins who very well want Humanity to be free and to think for themselves.


In a different Universe, a Multiverse of endless possibilites, there was one possibility where a boy named Ryder, would become an Assassin, solely for the purpose of freeing Humanity, a heroic goal, he was a great force and well-respected member of the Assassins, known throughout the whole Assassin Order, as a near-mythological being of great power.

But first in this time, it is 1125 AD, Technology has been far more advanced than ever, and a shadow war between the Assassins and the Templars is intitated.

The Templars are winning while the Assassins contiune to lose the ongoing War, Ryder, still a young boy,  he is dragged in the war between the Assassins and the Templars, subjected to a cruel amount of training, punishment, agony and mental conditioning.