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    October 22, 2016 by JohnDoe217

    Name: Jaiel

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil 

    Occupation: Angel, messanger, soldier. 

    Status: Undead.

    As an angel who was raised from the dead, Jaiel was a angelic figure created by Lucifer rather than the all-powerful deity himself, never displaying any kind of demonic traits opposed to angelic ones, he did however, seem to have some malicious behavior imposed on him not by the rebellious archangel, but by the deity who created all.  In 1102, Jaiel had came to Earth to find an artifact which would serve as an asset for the religious war between the demons and the angels, however, was sent to the future, in 1292, where the world had been conquered by an enigmatic, but benevolent conqueror, as the follower of the rebellious Lucifer, he was ordered to kil…

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    the Useless

    September 17, 2016 by JohnDoe217

    Name: Tubor the Great Dust.

    Aliases: Julian Manning, Dr. Snowden. the Perpetrator, Bob Hughes. 

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil, lawful evil as law enforcement 

    Status: Alive

    Occupation: Serial killer, rapist, thief, thug, law enforcement , scientist.

    Species: Daemon. 

    Tubor the Daemon was created by the First of the Fallen, created as a useless amusement for him and to be inferior to the other daemons, clearly displaying more weak and undeveloped powers compared to his brethen, for this, he would loathe himself, almost to the point of considering suicide, however, a fellow demon who was placed in the same exact situation would converse with him, becoming companions and planning an scheme to wipe out the entire daemon pack, wanting revenge for his brutal…

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    The Sage

    August 26, 2016 by JohnDoe217

    Name: Unknown.

    Alignment: Unknown

    Status: Unknown.

    Occupation: Unknown. 

     Due to the entity's mysterious nature, it is unknown as to how It got here, it displays some abnormal abilites, being able to defy or even break the laws of nature, physics, or even reality. It seemingly has an ulterior motive for existing and presumably has the capability to communicate with others, no matter the species or language, but doesn't want to. 

    It has a completely enigmatic nature, it does display passiveness but at the same time can turn hostile at any moment, making it completely unpredictable.  It does however display some protectiveness over certain Humans, with these Humans possibly being connected to the Entity itself. 

    Darkness Formology,Darkness Manipulation…

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    August 22, 2016 by JohnDoe217

    Name: Quantum Limitless Corporations, , the Knowledge-Seekers, the Unknown. The Wicked Ones. 

    Alignment: Morally Gray | Lawful Evil as godlike entities. 

    Status: Transcendence 

    Occupation: Scientists, technologically advanced humans | Gods

    They were naturally intelligent from their upbringing, usually being able to solve advanced complex math problems as as an infant, they also had a transhumanist background, always thinking for Humanity instead of themselves on how would they advance or progress, how they would deal with the problem and always coming up for solutions. They were outright pragamtic, cold and completely stoic, though they weren't without emotions. They always used morally questionable methods in order to advance Humanity, such as…

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    August 16, 2016 by JohnDoe217


    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Occupation: Scientist, Savior of Humanity, worked for the supremely technologically advanced company QLC. (Quantum Limitless Corporations).

    Status: Transcendent/Existent 

    Powers and Abilites:(Before Transcending) Supernatural Intelligence, Limited Transhumanism, Supreme-Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Stealth Tactics, Superior Technological Advancement, Gravity Redirection,Molecular Manipulation,Telekinesis(By manipulating the gravitions in the air, usually just a byproduct of his Gravity Manipulating abilites). Evolution. (After Transcendence.) Nigh-Omnipotent Science. 

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