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"" - Zacharie, drunk.

"My head hurts, my whole body is numb, and I spent the last hour or so holding my head above a toilet trying not to vomit. But yeah, I'm a-OK...I need to go lie down..." - Zacharie, sober.

Name: Zacharie Borracho

Gender: Male

Aliases/Nickname(s): "Intoxication Personified", "Zack", "Zack Daniels"

Species: Human

Birthplace: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Allignment: Chaotic Neutral


Out of Battle Theme

In Battle Theme


Zack's personality varies depending on whether he's sober or not.

When he's completely sober, he's a humble, cynical person. He has a pessimistic outlook on life, and generally gives off a sense of negativity when he speaks. His depression drives him to drinking and becoming an alcoholic, and seeing him both sober and without any alcohol in his hand is a rare sight.

When he's drunk, however, he becomes increasingly more happy, carefree, and reckless. He


Alcohol Empowerment

Alcohol Tolerance - To a limited degree. He still experiences several symptoms from being intoxicated.

Distilling - He can brew any sort of alcohol on the go as long as he has the ingredients to do so.

Enhanced Strength - The more intoxicated he becomes, the stronger he gets.

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Combat 

Enhanced Agility




Zack stands at five feet in height, and  wears a green sweater. He usually switches between wearing black seamed cap and a red baseball cap. He has a bag strapped to his shoulder, where he carries his spare alcohol.




Zack tends to forget things he did while he was drunk.

He doesn't have his brutal strength when he's sober.


Various characters from different games who were usually seen drunk (The Demoman from Team Fortress 2 is probably the driving force.)

Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.


Borracho means "Drunk" in Spanish.