Melanie Ètincelle

Basic Info


"The Thunderstorm"

Alignment Neutral/Chaotic Good
Race Human
Gender Female
Blood Type O-
Main Ability(ies)

Bio-Electricity ManipulationElectricity Generation


Calm Before the Storm... (Casual):

Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars

A Dark and Stormy Night... (Serious):

Voile, the Magic Library

Battle! Hoenn Gym

Rival Battle

Strength Level High
Status Alive
Personal Data
Birthplace Marseille, France
Birthday January 21st
Age 18
Nationality French



Adam Ètincelle (Father, alive.)

Diane Ètincelle (Mother, unknown condition, possibly alive.)

Thomas Hausler (Friend, Alive)

Orientation Heterosexual
Other Information

"Let's see how fast I can fry your brains out, shall we?"

Melanie Ètincelle is one of the few residents of Dimension Seven. Due to her abilities, she's known as The Thunderstorm


Melanie stands at 4'7, below average height for someone her age. She has blonde hair reaching down to her shoulders, and deep, blue eyes.

Her outfit consists of a black suit, with a white collared shirt and red tie underneath. She wears black boots, with white socks extending up to her knees.


Melanie is known for being short-tempered and impatient, preferring to get anything done as quick as possible, and hates waiting. This translates into the way she fights, as she prefers to overwhelm her opponent with raw power over coming up with a strategy or plan. Despite what most would think, though, she's quite intelligent, but doesn't like to show it. She feels like it would draw too much attention to herself, which she doesn't like.


Powers and Abilities

Electricity Generation - Melanie constantly generates an incredible amount of electricity throughout her body and uses it for different methods of attack or defense.

  • Infinite Charge/Quintessence Force - There is no limit to the amount of electric energy her body can generate at once.
  • Bio-Electricity Manipulation - She can use this electricity for many different applications. Whether it be to blast lightning at her foes or controlling her own body to beyond-human degrees via electrical impulses.
  • Ultimate Electric Shield - Melanie can create an aura of electricity surrounding herself, which can increase her resistance to weaker attacks.
  • Electrically Enhanced Condition - Her nerves and muscles are supercharged with electricity, giving her impressive physical and mental abilities.
  • Electric Weaponry - Exactly what it sounds like. Thomas taught her how to do create weapons made out of electricity during a training session with her. 
  • Electric Mimicry - After reaching a certain point of generating electricity, Melanie can temporarily turn herself into an entity of almost pure electric energy. However, the aftereffects of this are costly, and Melanie can't always do this reliably.


  • She's mostly inspired by Luigi Galvani and his work with bioelectricity.
  • Her surname, Ètincelle, means "spark" in French.