Length:10 in.

Weight:1/4 lb.


Home planet:Calthion

Biology:,the parasite infects a mosquito which then feeds on the host thus sending it into the body so that it can infect the progenitor.The host then immediately seeks a way to infect more hosts and then those hosts breed infinitum. The hive mind can mutate in response to an immediate threat either partially or wholly.Eventually when the hive becomes large enough the host creates larger species to infect larger hosts.The infection itself is spread through the hosts saliva and this saliva carries the eggs which creates boils.

When the boils pop the eggs emerge hatched.Some forms of hosts are carriers that are unaware of the parasite and so spread the parasites without knowing.There is a small chance one of the eggs spawned will be another progenitor.Eventually when the dominant species on the planet is eliminated they move on to lesser species untill the entire planet is nothing but hosts.Eventually when the planet has no more species to assimilate they send the new progenitors with no colony's to the next planet by sending them outside of the atmosphere.