Mana ore is a powerful substance and a driving material in the Millenniumverse. It comes in crystal or raw ore form naturally but is often refined into gemstone or ingots for commercial and military uses. It comes in many varieties and is characterized by it's versatility and capability to be modified.


Mana Ore originates when Humanity was introduced to the gods after the end of the Millennium war. The gods told humans to use the ore to help fight the monsters created by the Dark god Aepia. 

Over the years humanity has found many uses for this miracle substance, using it for fuel, weaponry, medicine, etc. The use of this material has caused humanity be 1,000 years ahead of it's time and as such are more technologically advanced.

Because of it's value and varied uses there is a high demand on the black market and is a major trade among the Crimson Syndicate.


Fire Ore

Dance of the red crystal by hacker340

Fire Ore is a naturally occuring crystal and has properties of the element of fire. Raw ore is extremely hot to the touch and must be handled with proper equipment, refined ore is noted for it's uses in ammunition as incendiary rounds, fuel for normally coal fed machines and cooking. 

No known variations exist for this ore as of now

Water Ore

Water Ore is a naturally occuring crystal and has properties of the element of water. Raw ore on it's own is often found to be soaked and is infact often found in underwater locations. When used properly it can generate enough water to last a village for years. It is commonly used to supply water, create hydroelectricity and gardening. 

Earth Ore

Earth ore is a naturally occuring crystal and has properties of the element of earth. Raw ore on it's own is very rough and can be found anywhere but primarily underground. It has uses that range from creating dirt and stone to morphing the terrain. It has commercial use as a terraforming device or to supply soil for gardening. 

Wind Ore

Wind ore is a naturally occuring crystal and has properties of the element of wind. Raw ore on it's own has almost no texture, like actual wind and can be found anywhere. It has uses as artificial wind and has common uses as fans, energy for wind turbines and A/C's.

Healing Ore

Green Power Crystal
Healing ore is an artificial crystal developed by medical scientists in an attempt to revolutionize medicine and they succeeded. Healing ore causes minor wounds to close instantly and major wounds to heal in minutes. They are common in hospitals and other such places.

Electric Ore

Electric ore is a naturally occuring crystal and has the properties of electricity, touching this crystal is extremely dangerous as it is capable of discharges. It has uses as a power source for many things such as vehicles, mechs and common household items.

Ice Ore 

Ice ore is an artificially created crystal made by modifying Water Ore. it is extremely cold to the touch. It is commonly used for refrigerative purposes.

Psychic Ore 

Psychic Ore  is a naturally occuring ore that grants people with psychic powers. Approximately a week of exposure either in utero or not will turn people into psychics permanently and eliminating the need to use ore to obtain powers.



Mana ore is naturally in a solid crystal or ore in various locations, the shape of which is often clustered.


Unused Mana Ore glows brightly and will fade when their charge runs out, in addition the color of the ore is the key to knowing what kind it is and what it can do.


The size of the crystal determines how long it will stay charged before fading out, a crystal the size of a human palm will last a few hours at best while one the size of a boulder will last a few days. 


The more intact a crystal is the more potent it's effects will be when used, which is why when harvested they are refined to be one solid shape such as in ingot or cut crystal form.