Eugene Edwards
A man by heise
Basic Info
Alias(es) The crimson prince
Alignment Chaotic good
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday 5/22/1992
Blood Type AB
Main Ability Fire Magic
Birthplace the Kingdom of Crimson
Homeworld Dragoverse
Affiliation(s) the Kingdom of Crimson
Occupation(s) Prince
Base of Operations The Kingdom of Crimson

Eugene is a prince of the kingdom of crimson, having attained immense power over fire magic from the spirits of fire itself, at the cost of his mercy.


Eugene was the well-groomed prince of the Crimson Kingdom: A kingdom known for every single member being capable of using fire magic. He, however, was unable to do so and as a result was viewed with uncertainty. Feeling left out he sought of the spirits of fire and made a contract with them, as a result his sense of mercy was removed and he was granted powerful fire magic. After being granted their favor they lead him to an artifact sword stabbed in a volcano. To this day, he leads the kingdoms armies not as just it's prince but as the general to its soldiers.



Eugene has the kind of appearance you would expect out of a prince: very well groomed but one can easily see the chaotic nature of his magic.


Eugene is a very nice person, willing to help whoever asks him, however because of his now lack of mercy should he come to blows he will brutalize his opponent.


  • Order, power


  • Frogs, water


  • Fencing




  • Artifact sword


Eugene is absolutely brutal in combat, not capable of showing any mercy and his preferred form of combat is to simply incinerate his opponent.


  • Lack of oxygen
  • Lack of mercy makes him unable to hold back