Name:Samael Flamerunner

Aliases:Grand mage


Occupation:Founder of the United Mages

Motto:"What a wonder Magic is."

Likes:Having fun,Performing magic

Dislikes:Being annoyed

Alignment:Chaotic good

Hobbies:Writing in his book

Species:Homo Magi

Abilities:Knows magic of the highest calibur,will never truly die,thinking outside the box,Magic is a mysterious beholder,his dark witch cloak

Interests:Changing shape for his own amusement

Origin:He was the son of a blacksmith,one night he saw a comet sail in the sky and wished upon it,his wish to be a magician.In response to his wish,a feather floated down to him from the heavens and such his potential had been unlocked.He worked hard in his fathers forge,smelting iron into various shapes and getting better as he progressed.At the age of 12 he created his first esoteric mechanical device,it was truly unique.Everyday he studied everything he could of the esoteric arts and wrote it down in a special tome he owned.

Eventually he came across a set of magical tomes,he inscribed magical circles on every part of his room so he could protect himself.Once this was done he had created his own magical weapon,a sword with sigils with which he crafted it to the highest calibur.A passing magician of high skill was passing by and noticed his craftsmanship and brought him in to be his apprentice.