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Motto:"All that will be has been."


Dislikes:Loud noises

Alignment:Chaotic good



Abilities:His hand allows control over energy,great with a sword,the sword called Nevermore,Nevermore likes energy

Equipment:The sword nevermore which devours energy on contact with the blade,special armor which is 3x stronger than kevlar,mechanical right arm which allows control over physical energy

Origin:Fenris was trained to be a soldier since he was a child,going through rigourous training without mercy which put his life at risk constantly.When his training had finished he had been put through war against a group of elves bent on taking over a territory.One mission involving rescuing a P.O.W was quite the life changer for him,they captured him as well.While in captivity they subjected him to horrid torture which eventually ended up costing his right arm.He escaped when his comrades finally found him,they fitted him with a new mechanical prosthetic which allowed control over physical energy.

He remained traumatized but he never showed it,his superiors assumed he was fine and on one mission he was to retrieve a stolen artifact.The mission was harsh as it was heavily guarded,the artifact itself was a sheathed katana which was surrounded by elven guards.When he dealt with the guards the oddest thing happened,the sword spoke to him,told him to keep it to himself,to which he agreed.He spoke about agreeing to be his tool if he gave him energy to feast from,Fenris agreed to this and from then one the two were never apart.