Rathalos armor

Name: Dawson Holloway

Theme:MH4U main theme

Aliases: Kindred hunter

Age: 24

Alignment: Neutral Good

Occupation: Monster hunter

Catch phrase: ”I'm gonna make a hat out of you.”

Personal Data

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Preferences: Straight

Likes: Hunting monsters, Adventure

Dislikes: Underwater creatures

Hobbies: Hiking 

Powers and Abilities


As a child, Dawson looked up to the hunters, always wanting to be one. Playing as one with friends, he was obsessed with being one. At the age of sixteen, Dawson met a hunter who arrived into town to replenish his stocks. Dawson began asking the hunter lots of questions. “What is it like being a hunter?” or “how do you become one?” were just some of the things he asked.

The hunter could sense a lot of potential in Dawson, so he asked Dawson “Would you like to be a hunter?” Dawson replied with a yes. For many years the Hunter would teach Dawson the art of hunting monsters and fighting skills, at times the mentor would joke around to show he wasn’t always serious. One day, during while accompanying his master on a hunt, they encountered a Crimson Fatalis. The mentor knew a monster of this type would be way too much for Dawson to handle, so he ordered Dawson to run. Dawson compiled as the flaming red dragon unleashed flame and lava everywhere. He was absolutely terrified such a monster could exist, running back to the base camp so he could be transported back to his village.

He was worried for his mentor, knowing a monster like that could easily kill anyone should they make a single mistake. That’s when the heard cheering outside of his home. He rushed outside to find his mentor had returned, slightly singed but otherwise alright. He greeted him with much joy, but the mentor was just happy that he made it out in time. As a keepsake from his hunt, he gave Dawson a scale from the Crimson Fatalis. It was dark brown with shades of red and was warm to the touch, much like a lava rock. The mentor gave him reassurance that the dragon was extremely dangerous, but he didn’t have to worry about it until he’s ready to fight a monster of such a caliber.

Dawson looked long and hard at the scale. This was what inspired him to officially register as a hunter, taking a local sandship which was manned by quite a colorful cast. The captain of the ship introduced himself, he was simply known as the Caravaneer.He looked like your everyday adventurer who looked no older than 40. He was a funny man, speaking in a grizzled southern drawl. He told Dawson of the Capital C caravan,which he had yet to make without a hunter. He directed him to look above at the Remobra, a type of winged snake.He told him that whenever these fly around they usually are an omen, and he was horribly correct.

Suddenly, the ship began to rumble and a massive creature resembling a whale with a large horn on its nose leaped over the ship. This was a Dah’ren Mohran, a sand whale of sorts. His hat had flown off from the intense wind and landed on a spike from the whale, the Caravaneer instructed Dawson to gather cannonballs to fire at it from the side of the ship. Dawson decided to help get his hat back, promptly climbing onto the beasts back and onto the ship again to return it. After a battle with the beast, the Caravaneer instructed him to wait for it to get close so they can activate the hunting gong, a large gong designed to hold off creatures with sensitive ears such as the Dah’ren.

With perfect timing, Dawson quickly banged the gong. He was in luck, as they were just short of Val habar, their destination. A group of professional hunters arrived known as the Ace hunters and helped take down the massive beast before it swam away. There they were introduced to everyone, the local blacksmith known only as “The man”, the Wycoon who was a small elderly male trader, the street cook, a felyne who prepared food for hunters, and the Guildmarm, a nerdy monster fan who happens to be the one who assigns jobs to hunters. Impressed with his capabilities the Caravaneer invited Dawson into the caravan, which he accepted.

The Caravaneer tells Dawson of a special scale he had in his hat called the Article, it was shiny and golden. He wanted to go to the village of Cathar, a place with a few wise men who might know about it. Going inside of his home he discovered a felyne in armor waiting for him along with a second felyne in an apron also waiting for him along with his pet, a type of pig called a Poogie which he appropriately named Baco. The felyne in an apron was his housekeeper, making sure things were in order,the one in armor on the other hand was much different. He called himself the Ace palico, he would be his companion during requests.

He certainly had the spirit for it while wielding a lance the size of Dawsons forearm along with some boomerangs. The ace asked for a name for which Dawson could call upon him, to which he decided on the name:Streak. After going through a few villager requests and taking on quite a few challenging monsters for their hides he earns the materials needed for better weapons, armor,and some materials for the field. After enough preparation he was ready to ship out as he had made friends with the Wycoon and the street cook who the Caravaneer was actually looking for as he needed a cook and a trader, both of which the two fit the bill for. The port of call they were headed for was the volcanic village named Harth, the home of the Troverians, a bunch of dwarf-like blacksmiths.

The village was way off though as it was cold, lava was not flowing, and the proud dwarven people were depressed. This was because a large toad-like monster called the Tetsucabra was in the way of progress, after a few more villager requests to get ready the hunter took it on. The beast put up a good fight but eventually gave in. After this the village got more productive, then it was found out this still didn’t make the lava flow. It is revealed through the chief this is because a large spider creature called the Nerscylla made it’s nest there.

After preparing with more requests he took on the large bug, the battle was rough but the hunter had made it. The Ace hunters had arrived while passing through and recognized  the hunters capabilities. As they shipped out to leave,the daughter of the chief wanted to come along so she could learn from the capital C caravans blacksmith. The blacksmiths helped make a ship so they could head out to sea, the Caravaneer christened the ship:the Arluq, this means Whale. As they set out to sea they are attacked by a new unknown wyvern called the Gore Magala, it had black scales and just looked evil.

It spread around black scales infested with a strange disease that diminished the hunters combat abilities. However he discovered he got stronger whenever he went on the offensive, stronger than normal even. After being informed this must be what the virus does by the Guildmarm he fights it off using the ballista and a massive drill on the front of the ship, eventually repelling the dragon. Not to say this came without consequence, as they crashed on a nearby beach called Cheeko Sands. They found the inhabitants to be mostly felyne, and that the only way to find Cheeko sands is to get lost.

The ace hunters then inform Dawson that Cathar isn’t an island in the sea, but rather high in the mountains. After going through even more villager requests and preparing himself further he discovers more palicoes in need of help. He fends off the monsters that threatened them and earns their trust, joining him with Streak. After almost being done with repairs to the ship Dawson finds out the Ace hunters went out to hunt the Gore Magala along with Streak who left without notifying him. Something bad also happened as two of the Ace’s never came back. Dawson followed them and found they were getting massively damaged by the beast, after repelling the beast twice and getting the two Ace’s out the guild entrusts that Dawson be the one to slay the Gore.

After preparing for this massive battle he takes on the beast, using his newfound discovery on the virus, appropriately named the Frenzy virus, to go on the offensive constantly. After a long-fought battle Dawson finally killed it in it’s nest. Dawson is greeted with much cheering, this monster thought to be near impossible to fight alone since the Ace hunters couldn’t beat it. The Caravaneer suggests making the Arluq into an airship so they could fly up to Cathar, after gathering the materials needed for such a modification it became airworthy and they arrived at Cathar. When they arrive the Caravaneer asks the chief about the Article, to which he responds with fear that it’s a bad omen that caused a calamity in the mountains.

After doing a few requests it’s found out that the Gore the hunter fought wasn’t the original, this one was hiding in the mountains and it’s virus was affecting the monsters that lived there, making them go berserk. The Ace hunters arrive to tell Dawson that the Gore had vanished, having shed it’s skin to become a golden Elder Dragon, the Shagura Magala. Once the hunter was ready he took on the divine appearing beast, finally being on even ground with it. The battle that took place was legendary, two equally skilled opponents squaring off with the golden beast finally falling to Dawson. He soon discovered the Article was infact a scale from the Shagura. This battle cemented the status of him being a legendary hunter.



Potion:a medicine made from Herbs and blue mushrooms,capable of healing minor wounds

Mega Potion:A medicine made when combining a potion with honey,capable of healing major injuries.

Mega nutrients:A medicine made from godbugs and blue mushrooms then infused with honey,capable of increasing endurance.

Antidote:a medicine capable of detoxing many poisons,made from antidote herbs and blue mushrooms.

Max potion:A medicine made from mega nutrients and dragon toadstool,capable of healing any wound fully.

Powercharm:An amulet that raises strength just by wearing it

Armorcharm:An amulet that raises defence just by wearing it

Well-done steak:Perfectly cooked steak from various monsters,raises stamina onced consumed

Paintball:A paintball thrown by hand,bowgun,or compound bow used to track monsters by scent.made from Sap plants and paintberries

Whetstones:Metal bars carried around to sharpen weapons on the field

Nulberry:A berry that cures various blights and has been proven to be a cure for the frenzy virus

Dung Bomb:A bomb made from the dung of various monsters,used to repel unwanted monsters,made from dung and bomb casings.

Mega Dash Juice:A potion that negates stamina use for an extended period of time,made from Dash extract and well-done steaks

Cool Drink:a very cold drink used to give relief in hot environments,made from ice crystals and bitterbugs

Hot Drink:a very warm drink used to give relief in cold environments,made from hot peppers and bitterbugs

Deodorant:A gas meant to cure deep odors such as gas from animals,made from bomb casings and bitterbugs.

Barrel Bomb Large:A large barrel filled with gunpowder and ignited with pressure,made from Gunpowder and larger barrels.

Pitfall Trap:A trap made to trip up monsters in netting,made from nets and trap tools

Shock trap:A trap made to paralyze monsters for a brief moment,made from trap tools and Thunderbugs or Genprey fangs.

Tranq Bomb:A bomb made to numb an already weakened monster so as to capture it alive.