Maisie Jeong 
Basic Info
Alias Heavensent
Alignment   Herself
Race  Blood
Laterality N/A
Weapon Forgotten Heart
Gender Female
Age 20
Birthday Sept 19th
Blood Type AB
Personal Data
Birthplace South Korea Sector
Nationality Korean
Affiliation(s) Black Bird
Occupation(s)  Rebel
Base of Operations Unknown

Knitting,Patching up 

wounds,Reading books,

Navigating through the city

Blade Practice

Favorite Food Mochi 
Main Ability    
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Purple
Height "5"5'
Weight 130 lbs
Bust "Insert Here"
Cup "Insert Here"
Bust Volume "Insert Here"
Waist "Insert Here"
Hips "Insert Here"

Ultimate hope to SK sector and the caller of the bird.She is a Blood who possess supernatural feats,the intention of the dictator who made the Bloods out of camped internees was for them to act as an infestation to kill the weaknesses of society,Having enough Maisie decides to do the unspeakable and call upon a prayer to aid her in her plan to end the hell she lives in. Calling in the Black Bird. 


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Maisie is a young woman roughly 5"5 in height.She has long messy brown hair and purple eyes as a result of becoming a "Blood" at a young age.She wears a black skirt on top of a ragged dark green parka and dark brown ankle boots.On one of her hands she bears a mark linking her to the Black Bird.



As a martyr,she seems to hold a more grim and mature view towards the world that has fallen around her. She's very morally guided,as shown when she took away a little girl's cigarette in concern of the girl's health.She aids the wounded and poor occasionally,after losing her parents at a very young age and seeing others lose their lives or their loved one's lives ,Maisie has gotten a very one sided view in her younger years.Believing everything is hopeless.Much until her friend told her about a secret,of which may be the last hope to turn the world around.This secret being calling the bird of fallen power.

Her personality changes drastically as she becomes the voice of reason 


Blood Basic Arsenal-Bloods were created in order to explore the realm of the unnatural.Although Maisie is currently one of the few known ones to be documented,she was later considered to be special as no known soul has ever lived to be directly in face-to-face interaction with the Black Bird.Her abilities include.

Cell ER -Bloods possess the ability to heal unnaturally,their cells are hypercharged through a synthonic fluid that acts in a high velocity speed essentially with every year going by it becomes more and more adapted to the host and therefore by her 7th or 8th year she's already able to heal conventional wounds with no problem.

CELL O -"Cells" that enhances condition of the host and their movements essentially allowing her to move in  flawless coordination.

CELL B-"Cells" that resonate with pressure around them essentially by focusing,Maisie is able to focus the particles within her body that creates a crushing pressure on a given solid object.Se can also raise this with her body temperature essentially creating fire with high enough heat to burn anything.

The Form-A chant that manifests the calling of the bird, this is also a form of connection.The bird grants her some powers to an extent as per his contract to her. 

Aes Eirh-The first chant,