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Na Rae

Shuyuu October 15, 2016 User blog:Shuyuu
Na Rae

Drawn By Shuyuu

Basic Info
Alias Senseless 
Alignment   Herself
Race  Synthetic
Laterality N/A
Weapon Shifting "CAT"
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday Sept 19th
Blood Type AB
Personal Data
Birthplace London,UK
Nationality Korean/British
Affiliation(s) London Executives
Occupation(s)  IT Contractor
Base of Operations MIT



Favorite Food Belgium Waffles
Main Ability    

Data Overdrive,


Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height "5"2'
Weight 124 lbs
Bust "Insert Here"
Cup "Insert Here"
Bust Volume "Insert Here"
Waist "Insert Here"
Hips "Insert Here"

Na Rae formerly worked for the London executive of infrastructure regulation.A fancy name which otherwise is basically the pillars holding civilization together,the branch of the government regulates various departments and smaller subsidiaries that provides goods and services for it's every day citizens.However,this all came to an end after the sudden rise of a chaotic race which is near impossible to wipe out,cunningly intelligent and void of all fear of challenge.Furthermore they are elusive and completely difficult to locate as they could hold many identities,and never settling on one look.Before the sudden emergence of this race Na Rae's department was handling a very sinister note that was etched through the intelligence's machine.It isn't until she became host to a being known as Senseless that she discovers the very mind of the monster that took hold of her.Giving her power yet a void sense of self at the same time.


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