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    Maisie Jeong 

    Basic Info
    Alias Heavensent
    Alignment   Herself
    Race  Blood
    Laterality N/A
    Weapon Forgotten Heart
    Gender Female
    Age 20
    Birthday Sept 19th
    Blood Type AB
    Personal Data
    Birthplace South Korea Sector
    Nationality Korean
    Affiliation(s) Black Bird
    Occupation(s)  Rebel
    Base of Operations Unknown

    Knitting,Patching up 

    wounds,Reading books,

    Navigating through the city

    Blade Practice

    Favorite Food Mochi 
    Main Ability    

    Hair Color Brunette
    Eye Color Purple
    Height "5"5'
    Weight 130 lbs
    Bust "Insert Here"
    Cup "Insert Here"
    Bust Volume "Insert Here"
    Waist "Insert Here"
    Hips "Insert Here"

    Ultimate hope to SK sector and the caller of the bird. 


    [Credit;Imuoto-Tan for the Template Format]

    Maisie is a young woman roughly 5"5 in height.She has long messy bro…

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