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  • Shuyuu

    You "Sona" Myung

    December 26, 2016 by Shuyuu

    You "Sona" Myung 

    Basic Info
    Alias Not known yet
    Alignment ???
    Race ???
    Laterality  Unlawful Good

    Kraysie[Mechanical Gunblade]

    Orienter[Flying Blades]

    Gender Female
    Age 21
    Birthday May 4th
    Blood Type B
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Korea


    Affiliation(s)/Relations Black Bird,Yu Li[Friend],Mi Mi [Ex-Friend],Ha Ni [Friend;Deceased]
    Occupation(s) Hacker
    Base of Operations Outskirts 
    Hobby Scavenging??
    Favorite Food Steak,Ice Cream,Spicy Food
    Main Ability Technology Manipulation
    Hair Color Pinkish Brown
    Eye Color Pinkish Red
    Height "5"5"
    Weight 134 lbs


    Young girl with the speciality of Hacking,and Technology. Her IEN allows her to harness technology to her will.After she was led to participate in the Games she was allowed 4 skills p…

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  • Shuyuu

    Jung Ji Yeon

    November 20, 2016 by Shuyuu

    Jung Ji Yeon

    Basic Info
    Alias Little Xue 
    Race Human
    Laterality Chaotic Good
    Weapon Wire Daggers
    Gender Female
    Age 21
    Birthday June 3rd
    Blood Type  A
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown
    Nationality Korean
    Affiliation(s) Nychra[Formerly]
    Occupation(s) Defect[Nychra]
    Base of Operations Unknown
    Hobby KnifePlay,Reading,Exploring the World
    Favorite Food Macroons
    Main Ability

    Absolute Ice Manipulation

    Vector Manipulation

    Mind Link

    Hair Color Brown/Red
    Eye Color Red
    Height "5'5"
    Weight 132 lbs 

    Member of the Nychra Cult,Kuro No Hane.She was an orphan who was abandoned by her parents who were extremely superstitious with her genetic defect. After she was initiated as a young girl into the Cult she was taught that her biological parents would not be saved and instead…

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  • Shuyuu

    Avya Lynde

    November 17, 2016 by Shuyuu

    Avya Lynde 

    Basic Info

    "That Bitch"[Given by Si Yeon's father]



    Race Human
    Laterality Chaotic Evil
    Weapon Wired Lance-Blade
    Gender Female
    Age 24
    Birthday May 24th
    Blood Type AB
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Germany
    Nationality Of German descent ,Japanese/Chinese Lineage 
    Affiliation(s) Nychra
    Occupation(s) Cult Mistress,Heiress,CEO Businesswoman 
    Base of Operations Korea[Current]
    Hobby Carccasonne 
    Favorite Food Melon Bun
    Main Ability

    Lynde/Wung Heritage


    Hair Color Purple
    Eye Color Purple
    Height "5"5"
    Weight 132 lbs

    The Mistress and leader of the Council of Nychra she's a force that is to be reckon with.Avya seeks to firstly overthrow 

    Avya possess lavender colored hair,and light purple eyes.She's a medium height girl who wears a …

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  • Shuyuu

    Kuro No Hane

    November 11, 2016 by Shuyuu

    Kuro No Hane

    Basic Info

    Anarchiac Organization 


    Alignment Chaotic Evil


    Founder Caulsias Lynde
    Operation Cult
    Members Avya Lynde[Current],Jung Ji Yeon[Former],
    Status Ongoing 

    Personal Data

    Nationality "Insert Here"
    Affiliation(s) "Insert Here"
    Occupation(s) "Insert Here"
    Base of Operations "Insert Here"
    Age  "Insert Here"

    Main Ability "Insert Here"



    'Av'ya Lynde-

    Jung Ji Yeon-




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  • Shuyuu

    Ying Xuan Yu

    November 8, 2016 by Shuyuu

    Ying Xuan Yu

    Basic Info

    Allegiance Main Characters
    Race Daemonic Incarnation[Formerly Human]
    Laterality "Insert Name Here"
    Weapon "Insert Name Here"
    Gender Male
    Age Unknown [Presumed 21 Physically]
    Birthday April 2nd 
    Blood Type A
    Personal Data
    Birthplace China
    Nationality Chinese
    Affiliation(s) Si Yeon
    Occupation(s) Student[Former]
    Relations Ying Feng Xi-Brother

    Favorite Food

    Main Ability

    Hair Color Brown[Turns White]
    Eye Color Hazel[Turns Silver]
    Height '5"6"


    135 lbs

    To Be Redone

    Relationships Si Yeon-

    Path of Goetics;Craft of Interception ;

    Path of Goetics;Craft of 

    1. Endless Miase- 
    • Mind 

    Pocket of Secrets; 

    Ancient Tales; 

    White Snake-The ancient tale of a snake that fell in love with a human.The snake in particular is over 1000 years old, o…

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