• Shuyuu

    "Your name....everybody calls you Kira.I guess they saw that you knew too much"

    "That's an understatement"

    "Does it matter?"

    "It's do you even pick your clients"

    "I don't,because I don't care"

    "You'd have to, in three years everything will change.Those who knew the truth would be gone and the liars will have free reign.Your job...will be gone."-Kira to Yu Lin

    The third world is the term utilized for the current generation structure of the reformed world.After the third world war there has been many political strifes, every country has lost nearly a third to a half of it's citizens.There are no longer population census as the records constantly changed.After the events of the third world war South Korea reclaimed the North,the eastern …

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  • Shuyuu

    Cecile "Chae" Young

    June 8, 2017 by Shuyuu


    Basic Info
    Alias Young Chae Lin
    Status Sealed 
    Race Human[Former]Witch
    Laterality Chaotic Evil


    Bloodless Blade

    Gender Female

    20[Suspected to be alive 

    much longer]

    Birthday May 14th
    Blood Type B
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Korea
    Nationality Korean
    Affiliation(s) Herself
    Occupation(s) Student
    Base of Operations Asian Seaboard
    Hobby "Insert Here"
    Favorite Food

    Main Ability Transcendant Mage 
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 5"6"
    Weight 134 lbs
    HairStyle In a ponytail.
    Cup B
    Dress Style "Insert Here"
    Body Type Slim
    Features "Insert Here"

    "The world never truly looked at me as if I belonged. People hated me and you,so why care about them?"-Cecile 

    "I didn't want to hurt you, why do you want to hurt me?"-Cecile 

    The witch in WC,…

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  • Shuyuu

    Shin Yu Li

    June 3, 2017 by Shuyuu

    "Ohhh shit the pok kai[Asshole]"-Yun Li 

    "I guess I really am a son of a bitch.Am I?"-Yun Li 

    Shin Yun Li

    Basic Info
    Other Names Yui Lee[Chinese],Sophia[Stage Name],Song [Birth Surname]
    Titles GFH0021,Apex Killer
    Race Abnormal Transcendant Demon 
    Relations  Kira[Friend/Romantic Interest],Song Ae Na[Mother],Lisa[Step Mother]Moon Li [Brother],Yun Hea[Father]
    Weapon Array of Guns/Rifles,Hidden Blades,Throwing Knives,Poison,Garrot Wires,Biology
    Gender Male
    Age 19[PF],20[BS],21[WC],22[HKOVA]
    Birthday Feb 23rd
    Blood Type O
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Daegu,South Korea
    Nationality    Korean/Japanese
    Affiliation(s) Kira
    Occupation(s) Assassin/Hired gun[On and Off],Actor/Idol[On and Off],Student
    Base of Operations Japan.South Korea,HK
    Hobby Reading,Driving on Motorcycle…

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  • Shuyuu


    June 2, 2017 by Shuyuu

    "Hacker,opening your security system is kind of in the job description.That being said you can thank me for digging up dirt on your wife"-Kira

    "Sometimes i wonder why...I should feel happy,sad,whatever....when I was 10 I saw my mother passed.Why did i cry then? I still ...don't know"-Kira 

    Kira Cameron Fox

    == Dispersion Shoes-A pair of customized shoes that decreases impact, and reverses the effect of gravity.Thus for example jumping off the building allows the wearer to land safely on the ground without suffering injuries.

    ATM blower-A pretty illegal device which tampers with the automated machine's internal processing of information.A machine that she put together after she started hacking for more sinister means.

    Fusion Card-A card that inte…

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  • Shuyuu


    April 4, 2017 by Shuyuu


    Basic Info
    Real Name Lee Sae Ron
    Alignment "Insert Name Here"
    Race Human[Former],Death Anomaly 
    Laterality "Insert Name Here"
    Weapon "Insert Name Here"
    Gender Female
    Age 22[Age of Death]
    Birthday May 7th
    Blood Type AB
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Incheon 
    Nationality Korean 

    Occupation(s) Olympic Figure Skater
    Base of Operations Korea
    Hobby Skating,
    Favorite Food Chocolate,Desserts,Korean BBQ,Spicy Tojangguk
    Main Ability Shifting /Living Anomaly
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Hazel
    Height '5"3"-5"4"

    Bust B-Cup
    Cup "Insert Here"
    Bust Volume "Insert Here"
    Waist "Insert Here"
    "Insert Here"

    Late wife of Yun Hea,she is a former olympic skater in her prime,met and married her eventual husband and died attempting to protect the one she loved alon…

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