Caege Waestrom
Epithet The True Woman Of Magic
Alignment Lawful-good
Race Xeans
laterality Both
Gender Female
Age when time began..
Birthday 18th September
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace Xea
Affiliation Herself
Occupation Goddess Of All Magic
Base of Operations Xea
Family None
Hair Color Light Pink
Eye Color Green
Height 5'8
Bust DD
Cup -
Bust Volume -
Waist -
Hips -
Favorite Food Oranges.
Hobby Studying
Weapons Magic

"I sense the Qui in your soul... my child now, find it and release it to access your magic." -- Caege tutoring a student on how to sense and cast magic.


A wise and powerful being known as Caege has quite the strict temper when it comes to protecting her students, as shown when one of her students, got attacked and in a blink second, she had appeared in front of her students, it's almost as if she is linked to her students, in some mystical way. Other than that she is however a good person to get along with. Noting her nickname of her people as the The True Woman Of Magic.



The Words Of A Goddess of Magic

"You befallen beast, You shall become my pet, as a summon. Feel the law of Caege upon your existence." - Caege ending a large beast.

" Breath in and out, let the Qui flow through your body" - Caege talking to one of her students.

Xean Tradition

Caege's Arsenal

True Qui: Caege as a goddess above all rules has access to the one true Qui, which she can use for  any purpose, to seal, to kill, to create, and to enchant things. She has therefore noted it's weakpoints, and nullfied them to a point where she is unbeatable, to anyone. She will always have this Qui. It cannot be taken away, or reverted back to her. It is also has Caege's Attack meaning it cannot defended, mirrored or weakened in any way.

The Mandate Of Xean 

The Laws of Qui