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    Epithet The True Woman Of Magic
    Alignment Lawful-good
    Race Xeans
    laterality Both
    Gender Female
    Age when time began..
    Birthday 18th September
    Blood Type O
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Xea
    Affiliation Herself
    Occupation Goddess Of All Magic
    Base of Operations Xea
    Family None
    Hair Color Light Pink
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'8
    Bust DD
    Cup -
    Bust Volume -
    Waist -
    Hips -
    Favorite Food Oranges.
    Hobby Studying
    Weapons Magic

    "I sense the Qui in your soul... my child now, find it and release it to access your magic." -- Caege tutoring a student on how to sense and cast magic.

    A wise and powerful being known as Caege has quite the strict temper when it comes to protecting her students, as shown when one of her students, got attacked and in a blink second, s…

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