• ShadowOfOblivion7119

    Inside the universe, there are many realms. Below the Earth realm, is The Underworld/Hell. The deepest trench is Tartarus of course. Many think it ends there. Below Tartarus and that entire realm is another realm X'aia, however it used to be on another plane entirely. There was Upper X'aia, also called Zoi-Xa which consisted of Angels. Then there was Lower X'aia, also called Xoi-Za which consisted of Demons. When an inter-dimensional battle was brought forth, X'aia was starting to split which escalated in a Civil War. During the Civil War, the plane was split, Xoi-Za was sent to be darker and deeper than even Tartarus, while Zoi-Xa was sent above Heaven. This is where we talk about Xoi-Za exclusively. At the end of the war, Xoi-Za was giveā€¦

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