Colonial-marines-black woman

Name: Bernice Ja'Crispy

Age: 35

Faction: Colonial Marine Corps

Rank: 2nd lieutenant

Weapons: Dual wields two M4A4 pistols, carries strings of 16 B15 Fragmentation grenades, M5 RPG, a combat knife crafted with metal alloys perfectly resistant to Xenomorph acid, and has her own personal Exosuit.

Tools: Helmet light, Communicator, TMR shoulder lamp, M3 pattern personal armor, M10 pattern ballistic helmet, M314 motion tracker.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Height: 172.72 cm

Weight: 67.1317 kg

Gender: Female

Theme: Break ya neck

Motto: "Nah! I stayin' alive! Let's go!"


"Watchu say boi!?"

"Bye Felicia!"

"Damn, that's one ugly son of a b*tch!"

"Ya wanna go bugs? Try me! Imma break yo neck!"

Likes: fighting, the beach, vacation, free time, movies and tv shows (comedy, horror, action), the corps, athletics

Dislikes: Xenomorphs, mission failures, infestations, disrespect

Hobbies: exterminating Xenos, sparring, going to the beach, walks, going out for movies

Occupation: High ranking Colonial Marine

Powers: Peak Human Condition, Adrenal Activation

Bio: Bernice has been serving for the Colonial Marine corps for over a decade. She specializes as a highly skilled grenadier and usage of dual M4A4 pistol, and including the M5 RPG. Though the woman mostly utilizes two M4A4 pistols and a hefty amount of explosives, Bernice is also has incredible melee combat prowess. As she has mastered mixed martial arts outside of the corps and still practices them of this day. In fact, she's one of the top 10 best fighters of the corps, even easily outmatching many of the male soldiers in fights.

To clarify her melee prowess, she's taken out half a dozen Xenomorph drones with relative ease in melee combat with just her modified combat knife. Most impressively, she held her own against nearly a dozen Xenomorph Warriors in melee with her same combat knife, stained with the blood of the fierce black bugs. In the end, she slayed every single one of the creatures, but with high difficulty and Bernice was in an intense adrenaline rush during that battle, as well as receiving many battle scars.

Bernice has roughly estimated in total with her two pistols, strings of explosives, and combat knife, she's exterminated approximately in between the ranges of 700 to 800 Xenomorphs during her service of the corps. Unbelievably, Bernice is also survived a chestburster popping out her chest, barely as she was given medical treatment afterwards.

She also has her own personal Exosuit and M5 RPG to take out the tougher Xenos (Praetorians, Queens, PredAliens, etc.)