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2nd Character Sheet - Aldah'kte

Predator 2010 by cantas78

Name: Aldah'kte (translates to “uneven blades”)

Aliases: Swamp Lord, Deadeye Fiend, Kwei P'kya'uha (translates to “Trick Shot”)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Gender: Male

Place of Origin: Yautja Prime

Species: Yautja

Height: 244 cm

Weight: 371.201

Age: 269 yrs

Rank: Blooded

Preferred Armament: Spear gun and wrist blades (one wrist blade is short and the other one is long, hence the name "Aldah'kte")

Favorite hunting species: Xenomorphs, Space Jockeys, River Ghosts

Theme: No More Sorrow

Motto: Yautja roar


I don't feel fear, mercy, nor pain. Only my drives and combat thrill.”

I'll make you dead silent in a moment.”

Hahaha! Having trouble following?”

Likes: galactic hunting, trick shots, ranged kills, melee combat, trophy hunt collecting, food preparing

Dislikes: Unhealthy meals, mismatches, weak prey, inactivity

Hobbies: food preparing, galactic hunting, melee fighting, trophy hunting

Occupation(s): Galactic hunter, chef of the clan, and zoologist of the clan

Powers: Alien Physiology, Supernatural Condition, Invisibility

Background: WIP

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