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    Name: Dracosaurus Rex (means "Dragon Lizard King")

    Aliases: D. Rex, Dragon of the Cretaceous, Diablo de Mexico, Dragon Rex, Diablotyrannus

    Gender: Male or Female

    Place of Origin/Habitat: Popocatépetl volcano of Mexico

    Height: 1920.24 cm (63 ft)

    Weight: 9979.03 kg (11 tons)

    Lifespan: 280 years

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Armament: steel armor

    Theme: Drums and Percussion

    Motto: T-Rex Roar

    Diet: Strictly carnivorous predator

    Powers: Fire Breath, Dinosaur Physiology, Thermal Resistance, Flight, Supernatural Condition

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  • Seraphic Jade aura

    Name: Bernice Ja'Crispy

    Age: 35

    Faction: Colonial Marine Corps

    Rank: 2nd lieutenant

    Weapons: Dual wields two M4A4 pistols, carries strings of 16 B15 Fragmentation grenades, M5 RPG, a combat knife crafted with metal alloys perfectly resistant to Xenomorph acid, and has her own personal Exosuit.

    Tools: Helmet light, Communicator, TMR shoulder lamp, M3 pattern personal armor, M10 pattern ballistic helmet, M314 motion tracker.

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Height: 172.72 cm

    Weight: 67.1317 kg

    Gender: Female

    Theme: Break ya neck

    Motto: "Nah! I stayin' alive! Let's go!"


    "Watchu say boi!?"

    "Bye Felicia!"

    "Damn, that's one ugly son of a b*tch!"

    "Ya wanna go bugs? Try me! Imma break yo neck!"

    Likes: fighting, the beach, vacation, free time, movies and tv shows (comedy, horror…

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  • Seraphic Jade aura

    Name: Aldah'kte (translates to “uneven blades”)

    Aliases: Swamp Lord, Deadeye Fiend, Kwei P'kya'uha (translates to “Trick Shot”)

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Gender: Male

    Place of Origin: Yautja Prime

    Species: Yautja

    Height: 244 cm

    Weight: 371.201

    Age: 269 yrs

    Rank: Blooded

    Preferred Armament: Spear gun and wrist blades (one wrist blade is short and the other one is long, hence the name "Aldah'kte")

    Favorite hunting species: Xenomorphs, Space Jockeys, River Ghosts

    Theme: No More Sorrow

    Motto: Yautja roar


    I don't feel fear, mercy, nor pain. Only my drives and combat thrill.”

    I'll make you dead silent in a moment.”

    Hahaha! Having trouble following?”

    Likes: galactic hunting, trick shots, ranged kills, melee combat, trophy hunt collecting, food preparing

    Dislikes: Unhea…

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  • Seraphic Jade aura

    Name: Hulij-bpe Ra (translates to “Crazy Disc”)

    Aliases: Cipactli (Aztec god that resembles a crocodile - the Yautja is nicknamed this for his vague resemblance to the Aztec god), Citlalin Cipactli, Tecococauh, Cuauhtlacatl, El Diablo (devil/demon)

    Alignment: Neutral Good (to his people) | Lawful evil (towards the Conquistadores and other native tribes to the New World)

    Gender: Male

    Place of Origin: Yautja Prime

    Species: Yautja

    Height: 254 cm

    Weight: 382.832 kg

    Age: 128 yrs.

    Rank: Youngblood

    Preferred Arnament: Standard Yautja hunting arsenal, though mostly utilizes the Smart Disc and Shurikens

    Theme: Tambores de Tenochtitlan

    Motto: Yautja bellow


    "Trophy hunt!"

    "I may have a vile appearance, but I'm no imbecile."

    "Can't run from me you cowards."


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